Meet the New Kindle Oasis: Slim, Sleek and Pricey: The ED Review

It’s no-brainer that Amazon is the ruler of the e-Reader world.  With being in the market for nearly 10 years,  Amazon has introduced a new Knight for all the book lovers of the world.  The new Kindle Oasis (no, it is not waterproof ) is the slimmest and the sleekest model e-reader ever.  With a price starting at $290, it’s also one of the most expensive e-reader devices.


What’s New?

The new member of the kindle family comes with a new range of designs and asymmetric body parts.  The 6-inch screen of the device is close to being a square and it no longer occupies the centre.

This insanely thin device of about 3.4 mm which is half as slim as an iPhone6 consists of a flared edge that is designed to fit comfortably in our palm.  It also brings back two physical buttons which help in navigating between the pages.

  • Asymmetric design:  makes it easier for the users to have a long grip on the device. The buttons are put on the tapered edges. Its ergonomic grip helps the readers have an easy one-handed access to the device.
  • The accelerometer is exactly what the lefties needed. They can turn the device over and use it just as comfortably as before.
  • Battery Cover: Oasis comes with a battery cover and there you go, use it for months instead of weeks without the need to recharge it.


Into the Body

The body of Oasis though quite thin, is rigid enough all thanks to the electroplated polymer. So basically the body is made of plastic which is clad in a metal, clad in a plastic finish. Even with that metal cladding, the device only weighs 4.6 ounces. Pretty impressive, Right?

The thin Paperwhite display and a few more fitted LEDs for brighter and more consistent lighting also form a major part of the device. Though the screen capacity is kept as same as before, the 300-pixel-per-inch display that was used in the earlier editions of Kindle Voyage and the new Paperwhite, the screen refraction is definitely something brand new.



The Charging Case:

The slimness does have a price to pay. The battery that lasted for nearly six weeks in the Voyage edition has been considerably reduced in Oasis where it can last for only up to two weeks on a charge.

To compensate this, Amazon has come up with a new leather-backed case that houses an additional battery that adds almost seven weeks of runtime. And the best part…It comes for free! All you need to do is slap the cover on the device and look at your device getting charged.  To add it coolness, if you charge the Kindle while in case, both of them get charged simultaneously!



The new Oasis is available for pre-ordering and the shipping starts on the 27th of this month with a choice of black, “walnut” or “merlot” leather covers.

Here’s hoping that the new design works in Amazon’s favour.

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