Famously known as the red-carpet event, Delphique is MDI’s National Management Convention hosted every year. The name has been derived from ‘Delphi’ method, which is used by experts for forecasting and decision making.

Delphique creates a platform for the student community to interact and share perspectives with the Industry (knowledge partners and panelists) as well as academia regarding the relevant issues in management.

Driven by the vision of promoting a culture of research-based problem solving in the campus, it organises four major events – Research Panels, Dialectic (National Debate Competition), Vincenza (International B-Plan Competition) and Cerebro (National Case Study Competition).

Research Panel discussions are undertaken throughout the two days of the event where students, who have been working on solving live problems of the industry, present their findings to the panelists.

Experts from the industry, eminent faculty and the students exchange ideas and critically evaluate the relevant issues pertaining to the respective domains such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Analytics, etc.

It has been associated with Ogilvy, PayTM, Langham Capital, Equirus, Paypal, Godrej, BMW, Mahindra First Choice, MagicBricks, etc.

Vincenza is the international business plan competition promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among young startups guided by experts and interested investors. Some of the past associations have been The Indus Entrepreneurs, Fosun Capital etc.

Dialectic, the debate competition, is currently in its third iteration and was started with the intent of promoting knowledge and is meant to provide different and competing viewpoints to contemporary business topics. 

Cerebro is the most vaunted case study competition and gives students a wonderful opportunity to work on real time solutions to business cases floated by companies. 

This year, the 23rd edition of Delphique will be held on 9th and 10th of November. It garners participation from the top colleges of India and looks forward to hosting more than 500 participants in its events.

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