Mark Zuckerberg On Fake News: Is It Damage Control After Election Backlash?

A while back we wrote on how Facebook is spreading misinformation either intentionally or unintentionally and the whole concept of keyboard heroism.

The recent news of how Facebook might have played a big role in the win of President-elect Donald Trump has shaken not just the world but brought forth the major issues that media is dealing with these days and that is of fake news.

As a reader, we come across millions of news pieces, and an average person does not always have the time and resources to find out whether the news that is being talked about is true or not.

So how is a person to know whether the article you are reading is credible or just talking horse- shit.


The involvement of Facebook into the spread of such news has been highlighted for the past 10-15 days, and finally Mark Zuckerberg has come out with a few steps in a post that Facebook will take to prevent more fake news being spread.

Mark Zuckerberg Turning Around?

Where before he had dismissed as nothing true and even called these allegations as “pretty crazy” and that this fake news has “surely had no impact” on the result, Mark Zuckerberg is singing a different tune now and in a long Facebook post has laid down a 7 step approach to curb the spread of fake news.

And have to say, as much as I might not like Facebook or Zuckerberg, the steps he has brought to light are actually good ones.

Steps like third party verification, a more restricted or even banning of fake news sites from Facebook thus “disrupting the economics with ad policies.”

The fact that they will also be working closely with journalists and media houses in order to make sure that the news that is being put out there is as factually correct and true as possible is also good to hear.

Apart from that people can also report the posts that appear as fake, warning labels over posts that have been reported as spam or fake by others and a few others.

mark zuckerberg

Damage Control Or Not, This Was Long Time Coming

Although I do truly believe that this all is more damage control than actually realising the problem, but I want people to realise the understand the gravity of the situation that is fake news.

I have read quite a many fake news articles and truly, it is not that difficult to just check up on the sources and see whether that article is actually true or not.

Fake news is quickly becoming more than just a nuisance in our world, not just India or US but all over the globe, people or organisations are using this phenomenon to spread false information and create mass hysteria or paranoia among the general population.

Signing off I would say that, Facebook you are finally doing something good and these steps could work towards at least beginning the end of spread of misinformation. However, I just hope that you actually work towards completing these projects and these are not just lengthy promises.

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