You are in your 20s. You should be out there doing things. Soaking experiences. Meeting people. Trying to get laid. You know, all the things you are “supposed” to be doing.

But I get it. It’s too much work. Going out is a chore itself. Sometimes you just need a night off…or two.

Here’s the definitive guide on making the most of your shitty weekend:

5. Be Productive

Yeah I know I’ll get a ton of flack for this but maybe consider being productive. You are hating yourself already for cancelling all your plans. Might as well get some work done. Maybe clean out your fridge: nobody is eating that “mystery meat” anytime soon. How about changing your bedsheets? Or actually catch up on work. Check your e-mail and get a head start on Monday. On the bright side, maybe you wouldn’t feel like burning your office down next week.

4. Hit The Gym

Hit The Gym
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It’s such a great mood lifter. Not only will you feel good about doing it, your body will thank you. It’s a win-win really. You put your body through a lot. When was the last time you really did something good for it? Put on some hype music and get cracking. Or at least go for a run. I mean they are always doing it in the movies, so it must be good, right?

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3. Eat like a Pig

Yeah, that gym thing didn’t really pan out. I mean it’s your day off. You deserve to over-indulge. After all, is it really a weekend if you don’t hate yourself come Monday morning? Greasy pizza? Check. Beers? Check. Don’t forget the dessert. Ben and Jerry’s anyone? Count me in.

2. Watch a Guilty Pleasure Movie

There aren’t that many things better than just wrapping yourself up in a comforter and putting on your favorite guilty pleasure. Away from all the judgement, it’s just you, a buttload of popcorn, and a nice drink. Sometimes you just need a reboot. Bonus round: Be in your jammies.

My recommendation? We all need some 27 Dresses every once in a while. Or the Princess Diaries for that matter. Channel your inner royalty. Putting on pants and going out? Who wants THAT?

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1. Read a Damn Book

Read a Damn Book
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Honestly, when was the last time you read a book? Books are amazeballs. They let you peek inside the inner working of another human being. You get to re-imagine someone else’s thoughts. If that’s not the coolest thing on the planet then I don’t know what is. So many fantastic worlds just waiting to be discovered.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know, to learn about, to get help with – someone out there has written a book about it. My go to recommendation for something different – Good Omens. Go in without doing any research and enjoy the stunning world conceived by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

Enjoy your weekend off folks. Lord knows you need it. Monday is lurking around the corner and you need all the help you can get. No amount of coffee is going to fix that. My plan? Make an ungodly amount of pasta for the weekend and watch Sixteen Candles. Don’t stray any further from God’s light– that happy hour can wait another week. Get some sleep.

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