By Aatreyee Dhar

Recently, two famous celebrities from the tinsel town were photographed chilling out with each other. Mahira Khan was seen smoking with Ranbir Kapoor as conventional folks hanging out.

Twitter was in sort of dither with tweets sparking hate and abuse over Mahira Khan dressing provocatively and bumming a cigarette.

Unsolicited and sexist as usual!

Muslim women targeted for wearing Western dresses is not old. Feminism and Islam don’t go well together as far as thoughts of the Muslim community are concerned. They need to grow up because they are going to find women challenging sexism on every pedestal and women will continue to do it unless the community sees both men and women on an equal page and decide to not judge them based on their choice of wardrobe.

What do you want? You want her to uphold conspicuous signs of religious belief and symbolize oppression. Well, any bond, be it friendship or relationship transcends the demarcation of a border. So, your whole point of representing Islam to a Non-Islamic country is a farce.

For all those women who are openly resisting the tyranny of imposing a garment for religion, they need to challenge the injustice meted out to you at every step just like Mahira. Decide what they want to be as they are free. Refusing to wear a confining argument expresses their individuality and they let it bloom. Do not fall prey to misogynistic and violent interpretations of religion which are wrong to the core.

Where are your double-decker buses with shit-loads of double standards, now? You can let your male counterparts pose a sexy look and when it comes to women, you just have to wage a war using them as your battlefields for spitting up angry accusations.

Fawad Khan also exposed his body in Indian movies. He has smoked in Kapoor and Sons. He smoked a f*king joint! Where were these sub standardized opinions back then?

Aspirants, deciding to flaunt a backless dress and hit a cigarette, there is nothing wrong with it. You are judged only because you are a woman. Even men do that.

Smoking is injurious to health for both men and women. You don’t need gender to discount the dreams of a profession that has moulded an inspiration in the lives of many.

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She hasn’t ruined her decent image. Neither is she supposed to have a decent image. Your definition of decent certainly isn’t progressive. You decided to outrage her modesty by slashing irrational comments that put every logical mind to shame. Instead of lashing out at her decency, you should try to rake up your character profile by keeping an open mind.

There are many factors which define a woman’s wardrobe: mobility, functionality, visual appeal, emotional state, mental state, comfort, trends, iconic appeal and many. A woman’s apparel is not just the reflection of her moods. She is a human like you and me. Her apparel is the sheer representation of many facets of human life. Accept that.

Why can’t we place both women and men under our prism of righteous judgment when it comes to smoking? Call it glamorous, rebellious, sporting, sophisticated, romantic or anything. But apply this perspective to all the genders. Tobacco companies target both men and women.The negative and positive ideologies need to unbiased.

Also, since she is a mother to her 7-year-old son, she has lost all rights to wear a pretty dress or enjoy a smoke break with a colleague of another nationality. Such logic, much wow.

At last, we just needed a well-deserved gesture to the blazing bigotry by Ali Zafar.

Many people stood up for Mahira. Especially this guy:

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