The Most Magical Experiences In The Rainy Season


Rains have been romanticized since time immemorial and have always exuded an aura that immediately stands out. With the rainy season also come a plethora of lovely activities that we associate wholly with the ‘feel’ of the season. Now that the rains are just around the corner, here are some of the best-

1) Sitting in the balcony sipping a cup of hot coffee/tea and the nostalgia that tends to take over.

2) Pakoras, samosas, jalebies….there is not one better way to relish these savoury and sweet Indian snacks!

3) For a few of us, the rains also tend to evoke the poet in us. We hear the pitter patter of raindrops, all the while trying to compose a piece on the epic tragedy of our lives, or on the beauty of life. (Individual differences strictly)

4) How rain seems to smell like a fresh beginning.

5) If you have ever experienced the rainy season at a hill station, you will know this. The clouds rolling across the mountains, the postcard-perfect wet streets during the evening, everybody moving around under umbrellas at a leisurely pace; these are the places where you fall in love with the rains. Here, rains don’t spell humidity, but a pleasantly cool weather and very picturesque surroundings.

6) How the leaves, glistening with raindrops, seem greener and fresher.

7) The aromatic wet mud.

8) Those occasions when it rains unexpectedly and you are out with your friends , obviously without any umbrellas! Getting drenched in the rain is never more fun!

9) Those days in school when we used to make our way through puddles of water on rainy mornings, the class adorned by resplendent umbrellas lying in a corner, taking off our shoes and socks and walking around barefoot in the corridors. Also, the annoying little children who would enthusiastically splash their way through puddles of water, also drenching us with muddy, dirty water in the process.






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