Maggi is banned NO MORE!

You read it right!! The banal ban on Nestle’s instant noodle has been OFFICIALLY uplifted!! *happy dance*
In a court hearing this morning, the Bombay High Court has issued it’s verdict, saying that banning the public’s favorite snack was a violation of “principles of natural justice”! Personally, my faith in the judiciary has been restored; at least SOMEONE understands that taking away Maggi from us was equivalent to “natural injustice”!

tear of joy

However, despite Nestle’s perpetual denial on the matter of its product containing any life-threatening amounts of harmful elements, the court has also ruled that new tests in certified labs will be conducted, and the results will settle the matter of whether Maggi will return to the counters or not. A period of six weeks has been allotted for the testing of five samples in these labs. The samples will be tested for high levels of MSG and lead. If Maggi passes her Agni Pariksha, she may well be sold by her Swiss manufacturer again. Just like the good old days! :’)
Another hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow, where the government is claiming damages worth USD 99 Million from the multinational company of Nestle, on behalf of the public. This sort of a lawsuit is called a class-action lawsuit, and is the first of its kind in Indian courts.
An interesting question is, if there is no lead, does Nestle get to sue anyone for the damages it has endured in the past quarter-year?
Anyhoo, politics and jusdiciary are the big brothers. As an Aam Aadmi, all I care about is WHEN can I keep the water to boil?


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