Luxury with a pinch of salt.

As our Indian Economy has its ups and downs, luxury has started to take a different turn. Today we long for holidays and luxuries in our every day life. Although we truly don’t understand that Luxury has altered its meaning. These days it is just coming out to be any other product that we know.

Today we so want to buy Zara or Burberry, but their clothes are not even made for one year use. I guess luxury has a price but here the price is not it’s worth. What is the point of wearing branded clothes when you cannot wear them after a week or so coz the cloth got spoilt because of a wash etc. Thus, Shopping turns ineffective.

We all want a spa once a month, but the cold water problems are never ending. Sometimes the electricity is kind enough to be present for us to take the pleasure of a spa. From a 4 Star to a 7 Star, Restaurants are not what they were earlier. The service is delayed, consumer over-charged, food quality disastrous and a non-consumer oriented approach is kept.

Reason is, Infrastructure problems. Water, Power, Price problems are not being tackled properly. Why can’t Govt. and the Luxury segment not work to improve the current condition of luxury. Why is that Infra problems mar the effect of luxury.

Why is that Ritz Carlton doesn’t have problems like us? Because they understand their consumer and give them a value it’s worth. There is some lacuna in the supply chain system. Indian Luxury market is talented in pretending to maintain a consumer oriented approach.

Luxury is a sensitive area and for more interest in it a continuous endeavor to maintain a certain level is essential.

PS: Based on personal experiences.


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