Amidst the chaos of burning discussions around the world, the countries were suddenly taken aback by a newfound, untreatable coronavirus. Within a short amount of time, it took shelter as fear, although people around the globe are finding a cure, treating people on large numbers.

And when it comes to rescuing, women are never behind.

Women contribute to about 90% of the nurses and more than half of the doctors. This is a pretty big number and much bigger is their contribution to saving lives.

The story of a nine-month pregnant medical worker who recently suffered a miscarriage but went back to work sets a dangerous precedent.

Life As A Nurse

The experience as a nurse or a doctor is gut-wrenching, especially as a female one. They have to wear tight masks with protective suits and in cases of menstruation, wearing adult diapers in a poorly made full body suit is a lot to deal with. There is no time to eat, rest or for bathroom breaks in their 10-hour shift. 

Nurses have also started taking birth control pills to delay their menstrual cycle.

Some nurses have to go as far as chopping their hairs to decrease the chances of infection.

Chinese state media stated that female medical workers had to shave their heads and were called “the most beautiful warriors”.

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Danger On Women

Across the globe, several female medical workers on the front line of COVID-19 have died curing other people due to the lack of masks and protective clothing. Due to a shortage of supplies, nurses are in dire need of masks, the lack of which accounts for one of the major reasons for the spread of the virus among medical practitioners.

Iran has the highest death rate after China and by the 25th of February, approximately 50 people died in a week and approximately 1,000 cases have been registered in the USA.

The death of a young woman, 17, due to Corona infection was reported in Karaj. About 80 people have died in various hospitals of Isfahanwo. Two others died in Khorramabad, one in Kermanshah, and seven in Gilan Province.

Narges Khanalizadeh (nurse), 25 died on 25 February at Milad Hospital of Lahijan, due to Corona infection.

An 82-year-old woman and an 87-old-woman of Medical Sciences University of Saveh, Abbas Nikravesh, are reported to have been affected and died due to coronavirus.

An Indian nurse working at a hospital in Saudi Arabic has been tested positive for Coronavirus but is now recovering.

Women’s hygiene is highly neglected, and the lack of safe hygiene products for women are necessary, along with the necessary precautions. Once these basic amenities are made available for the nurses, the world will be better equipped to deal with COVID-19. Also, the health and safety of women nurses would be better equipped to deal with such pandemics (hopefully lesser) in the future.

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Sources: Nursing World, The Atlantic, Economic Times

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