We LivED It: Mountaineering – The Must Do Thing In Mt. Abu

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Situated on the highest point of the 692 km. long Aravalli Ranges, Mt. Abu is a popular hill station in the desert state- Rajasthan. For most of the tourists, Indian and foreigners alike, the popular spots to visit are Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temple, Guru Shikhar (the highest peak of the range), Brahma Kumaris International Headquarters and Achalgarh Fort.


But when I visited Mt. Abu with my fellow classmates, we ditched the traditional checklist of places to visit and decided to explore those beautiful mountains which have the prestige of being the oldest mountain range in the world.


At 8.30 in the morning, we set off for trekking across the mountains. The sun wasn’t bright enough and the air was cool. We were taken by our guide cum mountaineering expert behind Limdi Kothi from where we were to start our ascent.


We crossed caves which were quite narrow and cool and dark. Helping each other out we managed to cross these dingy caves which were horrifying enough to strike a notion of fear even in the bravest of us. The only thing that kept the faint hearted (like me) was the light at the end which wasn’t less than a reward. We reached the apex and saw Nakki Lake and Brahma Kumaris International Headquarters from there.


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After some rest, we headed out for rock climbing and rappelling. Across the Nakki Lake is Rock for Rock Climbing Training Centre. There are huge igneous rocks which are numbered according to various techniques used for climbing them. We did rock climbing without any ropes and just with bare hands. Positioning our feet onto the ridges of rocks and holding them we moved forward.


Rappelling is a technique that uses rope to get down from a mountain. We had to wear a climbing harness which secured us to the rope. Keeping our left hand in the front and our right hand in the back to use it as a break, we had to push ourselves back as if sitting on a chair and lower ourselves to the ground.


As we were ditching the traditional we decided to follow the ritual and stayed in tents for the night and enjoyed the bonfire.



The next day was an ambitious one as we were supposed to climb the second highest peak of Aravalli- Bimali which is around 4,500 ft. high. Our bags were as light as possible and just held water bottle.


Passing through the forest and halting at 3 different levels we reached the peak. The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds and the wind was way cooler than it should be in the month of April. And believe me when I say that it was the most amazing feeling. The sense of accomplishment was unparalleled.


We enjoyed the scenery and beauty for a while and then headed down and into our chaotic life and carrying with ourselves the best memories which we will cherish for life.

Next time you visit a place put that list of yours into trash and explore it the bohemian way and let the place sink into you.

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