Color Switch Is More Than Just An App For Art Lovers, It’s A Full Blown Joyride! We LivED It

By Shagun Chauhan

Liv’ED It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

So the story began when I was sitting idly and suddenly caught sight of my cousin who was fully focused on something, out of curiosity I peeked into his phone screen and after that what I saw flabbergasted me. He was playing this game… and hold your phone tightly and check your internet connection because after reading this you will surely not be able to resist downloading it.

The game that he was playing is called Color Switch.

Color Switch is not just another social media app nor is it a viral and controversial app like Sarahah, but is an exclusive game that you will only spot the intelligent folks playing unlike those silly and obscure brain numbing games or mundane puzzles.

This game is quite trending amongst the youth and since I don’t want to sound like a kibitzer here are a few reasons why you should check out this game.

color switch

As soon as you will open the app, you will be greeted by this:

color switch

The alluring multi-coloured graphics of the game are sure to intrigue you and as soon as you start the app, you will see a bright flash of colours and some icons that are revolving around the interface.

color switch

Next and a positive about the game is that it does not consist of only one single game, instead you get an option of multiple games that you can try out. You can explore them by clicking on your chosen game mode.

It also has various features that might appear common but can truly turn your gloomy days around when needed. The Daily challenges are a great way to pass time when travelling to work in the morning.

Each game has 3 different levels of easy, medium and hard which makes the game more interesting for users as you can choose according to your aptitude and interest and also work towards the more difficult levels.

So don’t be skeptical about downloading this game, after so long I have come across such an enticing game and the best part is that it’s absolutely free at the Google App store. Undoubtedly I will rate this game 5 out of 5. Kudos to the creators.


The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and you can find it on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Liv’ED It Score Card:

Concept 5
Graphics 5
User-Friendly 4


PS – This was not a paid promotion by the Color Switch team, it was an honest and unvarnished review.

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