“Don’t do what you are expected to do, do what you dream to do.”

The Young Entrepreneur’s Society (YES), the dream project of the founder Nikhil Abrol from Bhagat Singh College; who himself has always had great business ideas as a young mind, aims to provide a platform for the aspiring young entrepreneurs to come together and give wings to their ideas through a 3 stage setup:

  1.   Firstly, act as a touch base for start-ups and team players.
  2. Secondly, provide a platform to brainstorm and rationalize ideas and strategies.
  3. Thirdly, implementation of those ideas.
The society, after successfully having conducted a series of Group Discussions and Personal Interviews to select members for the society, held its inaugural meet on the 13th of February. The meet could not have seen any better speaker other than Mr. Siddhartha Sharma, the director of Success Monks Performing Consultancy and the author of “60 Keys to Success” to conduct a motivational session on entrepreneurship.

Quite frankly, on seeing him sitting, the first impression was unassumingly rather mediocre, however, when he took the dais, it was a life changing experience. As he questioned the obvious beliefs of the general masses, he kept the audience glued to himself for the complete hour that he spoke.

Having being demotivated by people at school and work, he stresses on the fact that Profitsare always better than Wages. Instead of wasting time on working for someone else, one should focus on adding value to one’s own time.
Everyone has their own dreams in life and carries the potential to fulfill all of them. Everybody has their unique talent and capabilities, it’s very important to identify them and use them to pursue their dreams. One cannot blame anybody for not being able to fulfill their dreams.
He believes that there are a lot many lessons that we learn at school and other institutions, but we never really use them in life and many a lessons that are practical and essential  in life but are not taught anywhere, one needs to learn about them with time and experience.
Entrepreneurship requires lot of sacrifices to be made but in the end it’s all worth the effort, a very small cost of seeing your dreams come true.
How well you do your work is the sole determinant of your success! Nothing and nobody else matters. Never feel afraid of talking about your dreams.
As the session came to an end, the word ‘entrepreneurship’ carried a different meaning for those attending the session. “Entrepreneurship” as he quoted “is not about starting a business, it’s about fulfilling your dream and earning profits from it.”
A rather motivational session to promote entrepreneurship and also inspire people to take control of their lives otherwise somebody else might.

Dream BIG! Think BUSINESS!


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