Let This Café In Rajouri Teleport You To London, We LivED It!

Liv’ED It: It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

So this time, we narrate our experience at the very suave, Tippling Street.

Tippling Street

Tippling Street is a few weeks old café/lounge in the main market of Rajouri Garden. Despite being a newbie near years old cafés, lounges, and restaurants, Tippling definitely has set a benchmark.

I had heard a lot about the place from a lot of people and always wondered what was the buzz about. I got to know about the ‘buzz’ as soon as I visited the place myself.

How To Reach

You can take the metro to Rajouri Garden on the blue line. Tippling is just minutes away from the station. Your own vehicle or cab are other options!


Tippling Street is known for it’s suave London style decor, amazing wine and good Modern Indian and Continental food.

And, you should definitely visit Tippling Street at least once to check out their beautiful bar! (You don’t even have to be a ‘drinker’ to appreciate what beauty that bar is!)

What We Ordered

I went to Tippling Street when it was relatively new. So, I didn’t know what was their best dish. I randomly ordered a pizza and white sauce penné along with a few drinks.


Although the place is relatively new, it has already made a mark in the locality. Based on the 90s’ London theme, the wooden flooring and clocks around immediately take you back to that era.

The food is absolutely amazing and liked how the drinks were served. Colourful and contrasted yet coordinated.

The bar looks pretty great and rather beautiful. The music around here is good and the staff is extremely friendly. We even had the owner come to us once or twice for the feedback.

Overall, my personal experience at Tippling was amazing and I’d definitely recommend people to have a good weekending here!

Value For Money

I’d rate Tippling Street a little high on value for money but then again, the food is worth every penny. You gotta trust me on that!


Since I did not have a whole lot variety of food, I can only recommend that pizza and pasta are just amazing! I’d have also recommended the drinks that I had but sadly I don’t remember the names quite well. And hey, do not forget to click a whole lot of pictures!
The huge bar in Tippling Street is absolutely beautiful and the entire set up of the café is super vintagey! I am pretty sure that you’re gonna walk out with a lot of pictures when you visit Tippling!

LivED It, Score Card

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PS: Some of them are my clicks as well!

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