KRK- Empowering #2RsPeople


KRK, the self- proclaimed actor, producer and critic leaves no stone unturned to make people wonder how ‘entertaining’ can God’s creation be! His debut movie, Deshdrohi exemplifies his extra-terrestrial acting skills. *pun intended*
You might want to disagree but KRK is the best actor he knows. This twitterati attracts controversies like a magnet, reasons being evident from his tweets. No matter how late you start following him, he always has insanity in stock.

I sincerely pray to God to grant wisdom to his 555K followers!

You are just about to witness a roller coaster of laughs. But before that, let us all take out 2 minutes to mourn English. #RIPEnglish

  • #2RsPeople: This is the popular hashtag used by KRK to refer to his haters. He is often seen distributing kicks to all #2RsPeople! Ever wondered his worth? Might as well be something like that.


  • The Political Adviser: KRK is extremely active in terms of politics too. Offering to leave India after Modi becomes PM, critising other political leaders etc seems to be his favourite past time. In short, he is known for doing a Charcha without a Chai and against Modi.
    P.S: He just forgot its Smriti and not Smiriti!



  • Self- Proclaimed good looks: OMG! Such swag! Good looks which aren’t that good, in reality.
    If there’s someone who could boast about “everything” without anything in reality, its him.IMG_20141209_180122IMG_20141209_180151krktweets8
  • Always looking out for girls: He just looveeessss girls. Anyone out there interested, please contact him. And don’t hurry, the offer lasts for a lifetime! Girls on Mars, if any, are also free to join in. He doesn’t seem to discriminate. Reqhe should be able to suffice his dietary needs.







  • Bollywood Critic and Predictor: Is it just a publicity stunt or does he genuinely like picking fights? No one knows! Controversy is his second name.
    Be it the success of a movie or a star, KRK knows it all. For more astrology updates, follow him on twitter!





And he endorses Samajwadi Party too.

  • The Love Guru: Behold! The best is yet to come. Love issues? Romance tips? The one stop shop is here. Next time you have a love trouble, check up on him!
    Would have worked wonders if you spent time on a Masters in Acting too, Mr. Khan.



  • The Harsh Reality: No matter how hard I try to neglect this, I couldn’t agree with KRK more. You can hate him or love him; you definitely can’t ignore the 555K followers he has. After all, negative publicity is also publicity.


  • The Sports Fan: Lukkha (translation: idler) has been used to describe Roger Federer by the “Great” KRK. He should have taken his GK lessons more seriously to know who Federer is.


  • Philosophies of Life: Here are philosophies of life by Baba Kamaal R Khan. He can write a book on the 1000 ways to become popular. Not to forget, the editors will have a tough time. *insert evil laugh*Wonder when is he committing suicide!


  • The Reality Show Freak: Why waste hours watching reality shows when you can get all the updates on the go! Just subscribe to KRK TV and you’re done.


Kudos to our very own Mr. Know It All, the Jack of All Trades, Mr. Kamaal R Khan. He will never disappoint you with any intellectual post.
Get your rib crackled. #ROFL


Last but not the least, a promise that everyone wants him to keep, because he is #Kamaal!


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