KRK Confesses To Charging Money For Promoting Films

‘Renowned’ film critic Kamal Rashid Khan, more commonly insulted by his initials KRK has not so shockingly admitted that he does, in fact, take bribes in order to promote movies.


He held a press conference in order to defend himself amidst accusations from Ajay Devgn that he had taken money from Karan Johar to bad-mouth Ajay’s Shivaay which happens to clash with Karan Johar’s Ae dil hai mushkil.

Ajay Devgn had earlier shared a recording on twitter in which KRK can be heard admitting that he was paid to praise Ae dil hai mushkil.

Naturally, KRK had to fight back to safeguard the non-existent respect he has gained worldwide. He stated that he has his own website where he has been paid multiple times to promote an upcoming movie.

But he still refrained from accepting that he was paid to promote Ae dil hai mushkil. He asserted that he refused the money at the end of the conversation and only reviews for the public and that they love it.

He went a step further to attack Ajay Devgn by claiming that his insecurity around his latest film is the reason why he’s relying on film critics.

Ajay Devgn retorted by saying that KRK was contradicting himself by what he said in the recording and the press conference.

But the real question is, why in the world is a mainstream actor like Ajay Devgn even getting involved with an idiot like KRK?

Hardly anybody even takes his reviews seriously. The ‘public’ he reviews the movies for are the ones hurling abuses at him. Why are people giving him the sort of importance he does not deserve?

And if his claim of being paid to promote movies is true, those paying him are as stupid as him. Why do we have actual film critics when this guy gets more publicity as compared to them?

Instead of ignoring him as a negative element in the film industry, Bollywood stars are continuously indulging him which is why he makes the headlines.

This is exactly what attention seekers crave for. Instead of trying to bring a shameless man like him to light, had Ajay Devgn ignored him, I doubt KRK’s comments would have resulted in any lesser response to Shivaay.

We should stop giving him the attention he craves and just ignore him like the useless man he is.

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