Killing Dogs And Monkeys Is The New Way Of Earning In Kerala And Himachal Pradesh

Kerala had an increasing number of stray dogs, while Himachal Pradesh had a five-fold increase in the number of monkeys. So, how can this be controlled? Simple. KILL THEM.

In Kerala

Over seven hundred people have been injured, and four deaths have been reported because of stray dog attacks, in the last four months. The state has also reported almost 53,000 people who had taken treatment for dog bites.

Last year, the state did endorse in culling dogs to tackle the menace; however, it was widely criticised (obviously!) and this movement soon died.

Seeing the inactivity of the government, The Old Students Welfare Association of St Thomas College in Pala which consists of over 1200 members announced that, civic associations that kill the maximum number of stray dogs by December 10 will be rewarded with gold coins.

The association has also demanded day-to-day reports from civic associations who ‘apply’ for the gold reward.


It can be understood that the Old Students Welfare Association of St Thomas College wants the civic authorities to act, but dear state with the highest literacy rate, is the mass killing of dogs the only solution you could come up with?

In Himachal Pradesh

The situation in Himachal Pradesh is no better. Here, instead of a non-governmental association, we have the state government doing the honours. Earlier this year the government declared monkeys as ‘vermin’ and has also announced cash rewards to people who either capture or kill monkeys.

The government is providing a lavish amount of Rs 1000 for every monkey if a person manages to catch 80% of the herd in a particular area. At the same time, Rs 700 and Rs 500 will be awarded for every monkey that is caught for sterilisation or killed, respectively.


It is important to even understand why there has been this sudden rise in menace because this definitely hasn’t happened overnight. There has been large-scale destruction of forests because of which, monkeys have lost their habitats and with no place to go, they seem like a hindrance in the society. Apart from this, monkeys and humans have always seemed to have shared a bond – everything from feeding them on roads to even idolising them, humans have done it all. With so much attention given to them, it is clearly our double-standards and convenience to choose if we want them and when we want them.

It is ridiculous how culling is the only solution that these states find to tackle the overcrowding of animals. Methods of vaccinating or sterilising animals have been applied in the past, and have been successful to an extent. The number of shelter homes has not increased with the increase in animal population, and this has just worsened the situation. Steps that should have been taken in the earlier stages were overlooked and now we stand between trying to save them and killing them.

The irony of the entire situation is that the second most populated country in the world would kill animals to control their population, but would adopt sophisticated methods of birth control to control its growing human population. After all, they are animals – killing them is justified. NOT.

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