KFC’s all chicken burger which uses chicken patties as burger buns, the mighty Double Down burger is now in India!

Being the 2nd of its type of product and the first of its kind, KFC’s all chicken burger is inspired by the largely polarizing KFC Chizza, the product which gave us all the goodness of a pizza with a chicken base and no crust.

With the ever-so-evolving style of fast food in India and the world, KFC’s all chicken burger although isn’t the first fusion product by a brand because it was Domino’s who introduced us to the Pizza Burger along with KFC’s Chizzaa, the former being a monolithic debacle.

KFC's All Chicken Burger
KFC’s all chicken burger, the much hyped “Double Down burger” is a sight to behold for meat lovers.

Hopes are high from KFC as their Double Down burger makes its debut in India.

Let’s take a look at what we’re expecting:

#1. When we say “KFC’s all chicken burger”, we mean it. The burger looks promising with thick chicken patties used as buns with the trademark KFC fried look.

#2. Inside the burger, expect chicken ham (or chicken salami) with a creamy sauce and cheese to go with it.

Not that bad a deal, eh?

Now comes the most important part of the issue at hand:


KFC’s all chicken burger is expected to be priced at Rs. 165, which is fair if the portion size is appropriate.

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The Chizza was delicious in terms of taste and quality but it didn’t live up to its hype because most people felt it was rather overpriced and for a product which KFC is launching exclusively for 6 weeks, they need to hit the sweet spot to maximise their profit.

Where To Get It:

The Double Down burger by KFC is expected to be available starting today or tomorrow in almost all KFC outlets in India after making a spectacular debut earlier in the UK and Canada.

The burger is already available on KFC India’s official website for online orders.

The Catch:

KFC’s all chicken burger comes at the best time where the mega fast food chain can maximize its profit with a new flagship product. Why?

Remember when we told you that Mcdonald’s outlets all across Delhi risk being shut down?

Precisely because of the closure of multiple McDonald’s outlets and the fact that only 21 out of them re-opened, KFC’s plan to be the sole king of the fast food jungle and capitalize on the loss of its rival brand comes at a carefully elected time period.

But the question still remains: Will the all chicken burger be successful?

What if it’s disappointing? Being a die-hard non-vegetarian, I’ll surely lose my trust in KFC if the gorgeous-looking Double Down burger doesn’t live up to its hype.

So there you have it, folks. We gave you good news and we’d sure love to hear your review of KFC’s Double Down burger in the comments!

Image Credits: Google Images

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