Ken Bone: The Only Winner Of The 2nd U.S. Presidential Debate Who Matters

In a presidential debate filled with insults, a super hero in red sweater won many hearts. While everyone argued and continue to do so as to who actually won the debate, we at ED can safely deliver the verdict:


And you are asking us why we’re calling him a hero?

Well, even to us it isn’t clear. Whether his moustache or the red sweater, he being friendly or his name that made it happen but we’re sure that by the end of the presidential debate, USA had a new hero.

Who wins the Second Presidential Debate? Bone! Who wins the Second Presidential Debate? Bone!

The debate was the usual town hall-style where the audience members asked questions to Hillary and Trump. And within that group of voters was Mr. Kenneth Bone.

During the remarkable night, Mr Bone stepped up to ask a question to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The question changed his life. He asked them about their energy policies and became the hero on a night not so heroic!

“What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimising job loss for fossil power plant workers?” is what was asked by Mr Bone.

But I don’t think it was his question that won hearts in American and got him international public. It has to be in fact, more than his uncynical manner. Probably, it was his keen interest in putting up a question and of course his name.

Since then, he is viral on twitter and has inspired so many Facebook as well as twitter handles with thousands of following.

The messiah everyone needed: KEN BONE.

Mr. Bone revealed in an interview that he didn’t even intend to wear the red sweater that apparently got him spotlight. Instead of that he had thought of wearing an olive suit. He confessed that ‘cuz of some recent gain in kilos, he split the trousers of his suit.

So he swapped into the red woolen jumper with the white shirt and peculiar tie combo.

Mr Bone in fact, has continued to wear the red sweater in further media appearances. According to him, that’s what got him spotlight.

The famous "Ken Bone Sweater" is sold out everywhere!
The famous “Ken Bone Sweater” is sold out everywhere! SERIOUSLY, NO SHIT.

He has also revealed that moustache was also a huge part of his appeal. In an interview with CNN, the reporter Carol Costello mocked him with a tweet: “33% confidence, 33% calming demeanor, 33% hugability, 1% power stache.” The moustache deserves more credit, he laughed. “But I’m glad it got on the list.”

Also, this highlights how the debate turned out to be. The public actually took more interest in a man wearing red sweater than what candidates spoke.

Well, USA needed a hero to highlight it for them and Ken Bone did exactly that, didn’t he?


Like they say, “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear cool RED SWEATERS!”

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