The dating culture of K-pop idols has long been a topic of debate between fans and media alike. 

However, with the latest news of Kang Daniel, the former member of K-pop group Wanna One, and girl group TWICE’s leader Jihyo dating breaking, there is a positive change in attitude. 

On Monday, 5th August, Dispatch, the Korean tabloid revealed that the two K-pop idols had been dating since January of 2019. 

TWICE under the JYP Entertainment label is a popular 9 membered girl group in South Korea with Park Jihyo (Jisoo) acting as the leader. 

Kang Daniel was previously a member of the much liked boy group Wanna One which disbanded late 2018. He is now a solo artist running his own label Konnect Entertainment. 

According to Dispatch, they had been spotted various time on dates including the day Daniel debuted as a solo artist on July 25th. 

Why This Is Different?

First of all, the attitude of both the agencies was immediately to accept the relationship and release statements pertaining to it. 

JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment both stated that, “They (Kang Daniel and Jihyo) are currently meeting with interest in each other.”

But perhaps more interesting to see was the reaction from the fans themselves, especially from the females since Daniel for that matter was quite popular among the female fans. 

Dating is always a sensitive issue in K-pop industry with many artists choosing to hide their relationships, knowing the negative backlash that awaits them once it is revealed. 

However, this time around many of the international and even South Korean fans were quite positive to the news. 

Where some were celebrating and congratulating the couple, others were making jokes and memes of the whole situation.

In an unusual twist, DC Insider, an online community of Kang Daniel fans also released their own statement after the news broke out. They stated that they will always support Kang Daniel and in fact were thankful of Jihyo for supporting him during his difficult times. 

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Not just that, but fans also created threads and posts that informed the other fandom about one of the partner. So Kang Daniel fans created informative posts about Jihyo and TWICE while Jihyo fans created posts about Kang Daniel. 

Besides that, fans iterated that their main goal here is not to focus on the private lives of the idols but their music.

While there were some K-netizens who were commenting some negative things, it was nonetheless a very good change to see most of the fans being supportive of the two. 

Along with that also bringing back the attention of fans to their main purpose which is the musical career of their favoured artist and not what they do in their private time is a welcome move. 

It shows a healthy progress in the mindset of K-pop fans and how they deal with such news. 

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Sources: Soompi, Allkpop, Twitter

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  1. Let’s be honest- That’s because Kang Daniel and Jihyo are the biggest names in K-pop right now. Don’t you remember Suzy and Lee Minho? No one had a problem with that.

    Meanwhile just today Heechul’s and Momo’s news got ripped by Onces. Sure it was fake, but before JYP and SJ Label confirmed, you had Onces calling Heechul a cradle-robber (she’s legal) and a pedophile. Meanwhile, you also had some non SJ/Twice fans calling Momo a gold-digger since Heechul is known to have connections in the industry.

    So yeah, we need to take this all with a pinch of salt.


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