Jaipur Metro Ride – Liv’ED It

(Not that Delhites need to know any more about how the Metro works.)
This Liv’ED It celebrates the fact that our very own Pink City has its very own Metro!
This is how Jaipur does it.
The Metro route starts at Mansarovar (not Park) station and ends at Chandpole, covering a total of 9 stations on its way in around 20-25 mins.

Although the trains take longer coming one after the other, the time period is still apt keeping in mind the very less number of people who commute daily. To get to know to the ride fully, let’s start at Mansarovar.

As said earlier, the Metro isn’t a routine thing as of yet, and most of the riders are first timers.

We know the drill too well, don’t we? Get in line, get the little (pink here, so obvious) thing, move on.
Sorry if your mind went elsewhere, but that’s what it is. :p


The stations are well-maintained and kind of beautiful, with printed-motif walls and hints of bright desert sun peeking through.

The time period between two consequent trains is much greater than what it is in Delhi, which is again so because of the small number of people travelling.

Even that little light glows pink. Pretty.

And here comes the train.

Another noticeable factor was the woman who worked the rail. Yes, the driver, we noticed, was a woman. 2 points to the Jaipur Metro for being such a feminist.
Here’s the pretty pink thing, btw.

Needless to say, the route is called the Pink Line. This city does know branding.

This is another station in between that matches the DMRC Name List. Just to make it look familiar.

And we’re here. It sure is sunny outside.


The Metro Card Recharge System was automated too. We do have something new, and better.

Just so you know.

And that ends our journey.
The city is navigable and the people are enthusiastic. For now, we hope those two make it easier for Jaipur Metro to become as big and efficient as its counterpart here in Delhi.


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