ED At Jaipur Literature Festival, 2016 – Captured through Crazy Pictures

‘If you change the venue of this festival from a Palace to a field, the whole Romance of Literature is lost’ – Is something you feel whilst just standing amidst lovers of words.

Having not being able to make it on the first three days of one of the largest Lit Fests in the world – The Jaipur Literature Festival, 2016 – *Stephen Fry Takes a Bow* the fourth day came into our grasp (So much Win). So here’s what we caught.

Our uber-cool Media passes #MediaSwag


Then came our first stop – Exclusive bytes with Amish Tripathi


Let’s be real, Chora Jaata is The Cool. Made my day.


Yes sir, we would love some skulls with a side of guts if you please!


The Ironic Google Mughal Tent, which combined two eras under one drape was kinda the show-stopper for me!


This was followed by the two very distinct initiatives – The Google Cultural Institute and the Internet Saathi for Women.


Onwards bound to women empowerment, we move onto Dove who as they always preach ‘Real Women, Real Beauty’ were capturing candid moments of lay girls only to display how beautiful they really are.


To wrap up our Press Terrace Swag, we had talks with Kiran Majumdar and oh yeah, Shashi Tharoor.


So that was that, 24th January was tiring but oh so worth the many steps we climbed! Until tomorrow, may the force be with you *salut*

Picture Credits – The Me.


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