Jai Hind Video: A Review

So, it’s the end of Independence Day,

The day we were proud

The day to hoist the flag,

The day we let out our deepest Gratitude to the people who gave us this freedom.

Few days ago a short film called “JAI HIND” featuring Ravenna Tandon and Manoj Vajpayee was released. If you didn’t have internet or were too busy in painting flags watch it here and be proud:

Basic story:

The film starts with both of them (husband and wife) riding on a bike in the Mumbai streets and very normally talking about how they are going to celebrate her birthday. They are talking about what kind of food they will have. Never the less you expect that what happens in the next moment. A car comes from the other corner and hits them. The man in the car is a very Indian looking British boy who shouts “Bloody Indians” and drives away. At this point it is a little confusing, that what just happened.

Next shot is of a Guard who is standing in front of a hotel and doesn’t seem bothered by this accident. Both of them are badly injured but Manoj Vajpayee gathers up his strength, to pick up his wife and take her inside the Hotel. They go inside but again nobody even flinches on seeing such a badly injured couple. Then the manager starts shouting at them and people start hitting Manoj Vajpayee. He is punched and bashed to the bowls and trays and finally thrown out with his wife.

The patriotic feeling:

This is the best part of the film where they show a sign board that says “Indians and Dogs are not allowed”. This scene gives you a perfect flashback of the history that you have read in books. This moment you realize that how far we have come and how things are changed today. All those struggles, Where we were nothing less than workers and today we are working as CEO of the most influential companies. The guard is the film is an Indian and he just stands there watching his countrymen being insulted, how powerless we could have been if we weren’t free.

Why was this beautiful?

1. The music in the video is very apt for the scenario taking place

2. It makes us imagine if this was our life today. If our entire life was controlled by somebody else. In a country where we didn’t have a voice and were just slaves to the British. I agree that things are not perfect today but we are in line for improvement.

3. The video shows the kind of lucky life we have today and how thankful one should be, that we breathe in free India.

4. The video gives out a perfect message that our freedom was not just given to us, it was earned.

5. The video could have been a little shorter and to the point but the acting was surely very powerful.

6. It shows us that we today have come a long way and have shown the world that we are not just slaves or workers but can create bigger impressions on this world.

So this day don’t just watch the flag being hoisted make some change.



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