Ivanka Trump is not just the First Daughter of the President of the United States, but she just might be one of the most hated, second only to her father, person in the USA at the moment.

Ivanka Trump born October 1981, is the daughter to Donald Trump from his first wife Ivana Trump and was formerly a model who later became a businesswoman.

She has been the executive vice president to The Trump Organisation, her father’s company and has recently gained rank in the White House as the assistant to the president.

Her husband, Jared Kushner is also involved in the White House as per his appointment as a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States.

Since her father won the presidency, Ivanka has experienced a lot of backlash and negative press. But to be honest she has been getting bad press for a long time and it is not just a recent development.

But it still begs the question of why exactly is she getting all this negative press. Who is she and does she actually deserve the bad image she has gotten or not?

Here are a few reasons why the people might have such a strong and negative reaction to Ivanka Trump:

1. Because No One Knows Why She Sits In The Presidential Meetings:

Ivanka has been closely involved in her father’s presidency since elections and was the one who was working the hardest and publicly in order to get Donald Trump to the White House.

Now after the win, she has in no way stepped back or removed herself from the political side of her father and instead has been given free access to everything the White House has to offer.

She has recently been appointed as the assistant to the president but only after media and politicians across the country questioned her regular appearance at White House matters and the fact that allegedly she had free access to sensitive and confidential information without having any official role in the White House.

2. Because She Tweets At The Most Incorrect Times:

Recently when Ivanka Trump tweeted in support of the Pride Month, she faced major backlash as people pointed out the hypocrisy of it all.

There is no denying the fact that a lot of her father’s team members and advisors are severely against gay people and rights and are working towards curbing their freedom.

They have given controversial statements and said negative things about the LGBTQA community and in the midst of all that, Ivanka tweets out a celebratory tweet.

Which not only inappropriate and hypocritical but also feels as if she is just using the community as a prop to earn some brownie points.

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3. Because She Tried To Grow Her Clothing Line Through Good Offices:

Good Offices is a term which means one’s prestige and power in the community they represent. And Ivanka has been time and again accused of pushing her businesses whether it be her clothing brand or whatnot to earn profits by using her good offices.

And now she not only has the tag of being Donald Trump’s daughter but also being the First Daughter of America. Which just means a bigger area to exploit and use in order to increase her profit levels.

4. Because Of Not Standing By What She Says:

Ivanka is touted by many media websites as being a powerful and independent woman, a feminist who is not bound by the shackles of the society.

And she herself has prided on this fact that she runs a big and successful business and is such a powerful name in the business and fashion world.

However, it seems like most of the times what she says is in contradiction to what she actually does when something unfair is happening.

The recent changes to Obamacare and threats to Planned Parenthood should have gotten a much stronger reaction from Ivanka if she stood by what she said for women empowerment.

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