The YouTube channel BB Ki Vines has hit a new benchmark in the Indian Youtube Community. The channel hit 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

The channel is the first comedy channel in India to achieve this.

Bhuvan Bam gave a heartfelt thanks to all his fans post that.

As it is already known, Indian YouTube is synonymous with AIB and TVF. They were literally the fire that kept Indian YouTube warm. TVF goes back a long way, and so does AIB. They were the first ones in India to actually venture into a market which was yet to be explored.

Fast forward to half a decade later: TVF has two offices, one in the national capital and another in Mumbai, with around 240 employees. AIB also has an office in Mumbai and has a team of double-digit numbers.

TVF has around 2.9 million subscribers and AIB has 2.7 million.

So, technically, Bhuvan Bam, who is the sole proprietor of BB Ki Vines and is the cameraman, director, editor, music editor, lighting, etc, has almost the same number of subscribers as the two organizations housing hundreds of people combined.

When Bhuvan uploads a video on YouTube, it gets one million views in a couple of hours. It takes hardly two weeks for his videos to hit eight to ten million views. While others struggle to make their videos recognized, by making memes to promote it, or collaborating with different digital media sites to promote it and starring different Bollywood celebrities, Bhuvan does nothing.

He just shares it on all his social media profiles, and voila, there’s a million views already.

Speaks a lot about his following.

Did I tell you that once, almost one lakh people joined him on his Instagram Live? To give you perspective, the largest cricket stadium houses one lakh spectators.

Where did BB go right?

The question here is what does BB do so differently that he covered such a path which no other content creator could?

The answer is simple.

He tapped into an audience which TVF and AIB couldn’t. Forget TVF and AIB, other small time video bloggers such as Rikshawali, Prajakta Kohli, BeYouNick, or Scherezade Shroff couldn’t do so.

In India, the definition of humor changes with every inch, village, city, household, occupation, and ideological affiliation. Looking at the videos, it is safe to assume that AIB’s audience is almost entirely from the privileged, elite or educated class. The language is mostly English and the issues are predominately of Twitter class.

TVF, too, has the similar issue. Though the language used is more than often Hindi, but the content in videos are concrete with euphemism, innuendoes, and references which only the educated mass could effortlessly decipher.

BB does away with all these shenanigans. He, like any Indian content creator, uses abusive language in his videos. But in doing so, his mannerism is similar to a middle class or lower middle-class person. He doesn’t break the class barrier in his videos even when he can afford to.

His humor or satire is direct, causing minimal use of any rationale or education. And, thus, is quite easily comprehensible.

With low production costs, he has achieved more than what his colleagues having years of experience couldn’t. Also, he tours the country and does live shows too.

You and I might not find his content hilarious but there certainly is an audience which made him the brightest star in a pool of mediocre stars.

It won’t be wrong to say that he is the Modiji of Indian YouTube.

Here’s to wishing him an even brighter future.

(Feature Imag from Google Images)


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