It’s Funny How Similar My Mother And My Smartphone Are

The one quote that often circulates on mother’s day is “My mother taught me everything, but not how to live without her”, and in today’s world, the same seems to apply to our smartphones. From its simplistic presentation to its highly complex circuits, the smartphone in many ways can be like a mother. Are smartphones really smart, or just an invention that in the most deceitful way are inspired by our very own mother?

The Alarm

“Ma, Please wake me up at 5am”

From waking up for school or for exams, or even to finish an important presentation, mothers have always been there. And when the question of independence came in, that responsibility seemed to be passed to the smartphone. Sentences like “Just five more minutes” were soon replaced by the snooze button.


The To-Do Lists

The To-Do lists or the reminders set on the phone to remind us of the critical things we need to complete are in the most uncanny way like  “Beta, Don’t forget to eat” or the other “don’t forget” our mothers often tell us.

Long Battery Life

Every mobile company strives to promise us the longest battery life, and surprisingly this comes naturally to our dearest mothers. From waking up at 6 am, managing work and home, and still being ready for a party at night, they can do it all.

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The Autocorrect

Swear in front of your mother, and a death stare is a definite reaction. The autocorrect feature can definitely not give us one, so in a very subtle way, it changes everything to “What the DUCK!” preventing us from using abusive language.



Running multiple applications and adapting almost instantly to the constant switching from one application to another, the smartphone seems to manage it flawlessly. Similarly, mothers manage to cook, serve and even console a crying baby all at the same time! JUST. HOW.


The greatest gift of God, and the greatest invention of man. No matter how many times we get in a fight with our mother, or get frustrated with our smartphones, it is impossible to go anywhere without them.

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