It Is Time We Think About Other Repercussions Of Wars And Conflicts

South Sudanese Civil war
How can you even think that victims do not need to get such images out of their minds?

Saumya Tiwari

Pakistan-India turbulence has been going on since 70 years.

Be it 26/11 attacks, Pathankot attacks, Army Base Camp attacks at Uri, or Delhi and Mumbai serial bomb blasts – this never-ending rivalry has lead to a loss of lot of lives and properties.

The Government may provide compensations to families of the injured and the deceased, and may start the restoration process; these things do leave their trace wherever they go.

Places like Kashmir, the Taj Hotel, have been victims to terrorists’s violent activities. These leave unforgettable imprints in minds of tourists, and also destroy the environment in the area to the proximity of the places.

A picture speaks thousands words they say.

Impact of the Syrian Civil War
War and terrorism destroy the future generations, making sure that it is doubly difficult to restore normalcy after everything has ended.

Terrorism leads to a lot of serious issues.

From environment to citizen’s sense of security, terrorism challenges them all. Reckless firing, incessant bombing, all these lead to a massive degradation of natural resources of the area being attacked. While these are facets of what it does to environment, they are many brutal repercussions of terrorism which you might not concentrate on, usually.

These losses, though secondary, are serious!

1. Ever thought about the forests?

The Bastar conflict
It is not only the Adivasis who have been affected, but a lot of forests have been burned at the stake.

Forest fires after wars are a common sight.
Loads of trees get burned away due to gunshots sparks or mines, leaving atmosphere with clouds of smoke.
Forest fires are not easy to control, and nobody takes the responsibility for those fires.

2. Infrastructure

Buildings in the established residential areas, fall off leaving chunks of ashes and dust.
Often, it is difficult to restore the same infrastructure. The debris may be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and this can lead to an epidemic of water-borne diseases.

3. Natural Resources

People dying of hunger in SOuth Sudan.
People are dying of hunger after the civil war in South Sudan broke out.

All this leads to contamination of air, freshwater, oil, agricultural etc which leads to major health issues like respiratory disorders, ailments caused by consumption of contaminated water, shortage of food etc.

4. Global climate change

Some of you may argue that this is just another facet of destruction to environment, this needs to be addressed separately.
While UN is signing agreements like Paris Agreement, terrorism voices an equal contribution to it.
Terrorism accelerates global warming, and contributes massively to global climate changes at a large scale. Tension between India and Pakistan has lead to water issues, both nations fighting for control over water resources.

5. Economy

Nobody wishes to visit a terror-stricken country. The tension created by wars, has a direct connection with the tourists visiting that area.
And when tourism falls off, so does its maintenance. Nations generally refrain from getting involved in trades with the country related to terrorism in any means.
Government has to spend a lot to secure the nation.

6. Psychological Trauma

South Sudanese Civil war
How can you even think that victims do not need to get such images out of their minds?

While psychological trauma is recognized as a repercussion of war, not much heed is paid to rehabilitate the victims.
Psychological trauma may last from a few months (short-termed) to long years (long-termed). It also creates an atmosphere of tension, suspicion and fear amongt the citizens. Hiroshima is an example in itself.


We could have gone on and on since the list is endless.

Destruction and terrorism go hand in hand.

Wars might seem to pose a threat to life of humans, but looking at the bigger picture, they are an equally serious threat to the well-being of countrymen, flora and fauna, as well as the economy of that nation. The need of the hour is to take proper measures to curb this and ensure a healthy and peaceful environment to live in for all.

Image Credits: Google Images

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