Arsene Wenger has probably built Arsenal from the scratch and the fact that Arsenal is one of the top clubs in the world is all down to him. His stay at the helm has been filled with many memorable moments, but it’s always better to say goodbye sooner than later. #WengerOut

No High Profile Signings

Does Arsene actually think that if he spends dollars on buying a player, it’s coming out of his own pocket?

Each and every summer, the fans wait anxiously until deadline day, hoping and praying for Wenger to buy what they really need to but to no avail.

This year Wenger did buy Lazacatte but why he didn’t start him in the match against Liverpool foils logic. Even Kolasonic was dropped. Gabriel has already been sold. Monreal was playing out of position. Holding is still not cut out for the PL. Year after year, his team selection baffles fans and this season seems to be no different.

Stubbornness To Change

Patrick Viera agreed that the Arsenal sides lack the tactical discipline.

“Would I like my team to be more like a Jose or an Arsene team? I would like to be the balance of both, I would like my teams to have the discipline that Jose has but also allow players to express themselves into that discipline like Arsene.”

When Arsenal plays against smaller teams, they play like Barcelona but against bigger teams, they seem to flounder quite often in the current decade.

As Ferguson had said,

“Attack wins you games. Defence wins you, leagues.”

Arsenal lack a strong defensive unit.

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No Major Trophies Won

Every Arsenal fan is aware that the club has not won a major trophy other than the FA Cups in the past decade.

Following the Gunner’s humiliating capitulation to Liverpool at Anfield, the barren spell could just become longer.

At a club of Arsenal’s stature, that is simply unacceptable.

Because of Wenger’s breathtaking success in the first nine years of his reign and the stability at the club, the board seems quite willing to overlook the relative failure of the successive decade.

Would Wenger had survived at Chelsea for so long without winning? NO.

The Weak Defense And A Lack Of A Holding Midfielder

As far as I remember, Arsenal was poised to mount a title challenge during the 2010-11 season, but despite the brilliance and creativity of  Fabregas and Van Persie, they could not keep up with eventual winners, United. The only reason for their debacle was the injury hit weak defence and the lack of a strong reserve defensive unit.

The same story has been repeated year after year. Other than Xhaka, there isn’t a quality holding midfielder. The invincibles had Viera and Petit. The current batch has no one like them. Either Wenger is naïve or is arrogant to solve this glaring loophole.

Time To Inject New Blood

Yes, Wenger will always be remembered as a legend for the Gunners, but as of now, he’s holding them back and destroying his legacy.

Failing to win the PL or Champions League in the last decade is just not good enough and the Frenchman has control over all areas of the club, from team selection to transfers and it’s costing them a lot now.

He clearly refuses to buy what they need, plays the wrong players in wrong positions and then persists in saying everything is in order.

It is high time to inject some new blood. All good things must come to an end.

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