Since the past few days, the newspaper headlines are filled with news about the increasing toll of deaths of innocent children in the state of Bihar owing to the Chamki fever. Amidst all this, there is another, not so big news from the cricket world.

With the Cricket World Cup season going on, it was reported that Shikhar Dhawan, an Indian batsman was injured during the game and would not be able to play the matches ahead due to the same. He is ruled out of the world cup for this.

Now you must be thinking why am I talking about two different incidents which are not even remotely connected. However, there is a deep connection which has a strong bearing on the political sentiments of the country.

The newly re-elected PM Narendra Modi has recently tweeted about the injury of the Shikhar Dhawan but failed to tweet even a word about the Chamki fever and the deaths following it.

Owing to this, Modi had to face a lot of bashing and negative publicity but is the matter so superficial? I beg to differ.

There is more to this for which we need to read between the lines. Let’s make sense, keeping our emotions aside for a moment because I believe that master strategists Modi and Shah cannot be so insensitive and ignorant that they keep themselves from tweeting about an important matter, creating future problems for BJP.

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1. The Insecure Political Turf of BJP In Bihar

Despite the fact that BJP and Nitish Kumar’s JDU contested the General Elections of 2019 together under the umbrella coalition of NDA; Nitish Kumar is not delighted with the Cabinet structure of the present BJP-led government, especially after JDU wasn’t offered adequate representation in the Cabinet.

There are no overt signs of any rebellion but keeping in mind the approaching elections in Bihar and the political holding of JDU in the state, BJP cannot risk its prospective standing in the upcoming state elections. 

By tweeting anything about the loss of lives due to the Chamki fever, Modi may play a wrong card, increasing the bitterness in the relations of BJP and JDU.

Chamki fever is nonetheless the biggest healthcare failure of Bihar government but had Modi tweeted on it, it would mean that Modi wants to directly interfere in the state’s internal machinery and this may lead to strong political debate resulting in no substantial good for the suffering families.

2. A Tweet Won’t Help

Let’s face it, a tweet is merely a part of keyboard politics which involves an exchange of condolences from the PR team of a political leader to the grieving families through Twitter but fails to do anything substantive on the ground level.

The keyboard politics should only be limited to situations where either immense political attention is not needed or if the matter is beyond human control.

In the present matter, it would be inhumane if PM would leave the matter in the hands of the state government by merely tweeting and taking a back seat, juggling the blame.

However, Modi played a different and yet again, a very smart move by saving his political turf and sending teams to Bihar for medical support, all at the same time.

As far as the injury of Shikhar Dhawan is concerned, a single tweet would serve the job but in Bihar, he is trying to battle the disease with medical expertise and not wasting his time tweeting and blaming the state government for its failure or announcing any other compensation scheme.

It is no secret that Modi has taken several significant steps to uplift the healthcare system in India. Sitting at the comfort of one’s couch and bashing someone who is trying to battle the disease is easy but handling it all while saving lives of many is difficult.

I, being a rational Modi-supporter would have appreciated if Modi would have tweeted about the increasing number of deaths in Bihar but nonetheless, we all should have the patience and apply our brains, without being excessively emotional, because that is what the need of the hour is.

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