When it comes to the best names in the tech and internet sector, then Google and Apple will obviously be at the top of the mind, especially for millennials.

Apple for its iPhones that each new version costs someone their kidney, Google for being the backbone of the internet.

There is another player that has been around as long as Google and even older to Apple, Microsoft, however, in the recent times its gained the image of being something appropriate for office workers and the older generations.

Where Google and Apple are considered cool, Microsoft though reliable and dependant is not hip enough for the current generation.

But it would come as a surprise to know, that at least as a business, Microsoft is much better and ahead than Google or Apple.

#1. Microsoft Updates Are Better

Where Google has some good features and products to offer, it is still primarily known just for being the best search engine in the world. Android though is customisable, it has some faults of its own wherein it is lacking good security, is easy to hack and even the updates are not always the best.

Apple’s OS for that matter is one of the worst ones where it has not really changed over the years, remaining stagnant and the company focusing more on the camera and screen size.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has always been constant in improving their software from their Windows 7 to 8 and now 10, you can see that each one is better than before.

Their Start Menu itself has seen major changes and depending on the customer feedback it truly seems they make changes that make it easier to use their software, since now you can find important information, apps and files faster than before.

#2. Earning Revenue

Where Google’s revenue majorly comes from ads, Apple’s main source is their iPhone, both which can spell trouble in long-term basis.

Although Apple’s known for its MacBooks along with their phones, the high price of those laptops in markets that are like India deters people from buying them. Also, the interface of the MacBooks is much more complicated than the user-friendly Microsoft and the former also have an image for being primarily for those in the creative field, which outcastes other sectors.

And then if people start to move away even from the iPhone if the company does not make some major technological upgrades to the phones, then Apple might just disintegrate away into nothing.

Google, on the other hand, is 90% ads, and the fact that we are slowly moving away from large display screen environment like desktops, laptops and mobile to a screen-less and voice-based one, in the form of home assistants like Alexa and Google’s own Google Home could mean a decline in that sector.

Google’s ads might not work or be useful as much when they can’t really put it on the screens of their users for them to see and interact with. While their in-house products could be a good way to earn revenue, it doesn’t really have that high of usage currently.

Microsoft has more reliable businesses than Apple and Google where it has primarily the enterprise customers whom couldn’t easily migrate from its services. Even if one or two services fall in the future, it could manage with the other revenue streams until it bounces back with an alternate businesses.

Hence, Microsoft has more viable and long lasting business than Google or Apple which are predominantly based on their monopoly in the ads and hardware business.

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#3. Better Image Of Privacy

In terms of privacy, Google has absolutely no leg to stand on considering the many hacking jobs, privacy invasion from outside and the company itself, that were revealed over the years.

This will seriously put some major trust issues on the company and how invasive they really are with the information we as users provide to them, so much so that even their incognito mode isn’t entirely reliable.

Apple is slightly better in terms of privacy, but their Cloud is not the most dependable with it being easy to access someone’s data from there.

Microsoft on the other hand, has had for the most part a pretty clean image which builds trust and assurance in the mind of the user that this is a safe thing to use.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Business Insider, Leave Google Behind, WebProNews + more

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