We Condemn The Inhumane Treatment Given To Tanzanian Students In Bangalore

By Medha Malaviya

We talk, we talk and we talk. But when do words transcend into actions? The nation is shocked yet again with the inhumane treatment given out to a Tanzanian student in Bangalore. It unfortunately doesn’t stop here. With every hour passing, new cases of racial harassment are pouring in; and what is the government doing? The young Gandhi instead of speaking up is keeping silence.

Probably because it’s their government and they need no negative publicity.  It’s been four days since the event and no concrete case has been developed. But this is not the first time. We are failing to address the issue of racial discrimination in our country and it is increasing day-by-day.

In the garb of political institutions or ruthless mobs hate attacks have become a regular phenomenon in this ‘secular’ country.

This listicle traces back all racist attacks that have happened in the country during the past few years:

1. People with power do it too

It’s not just the ruthless mob or the uncivilized lot that discriminates or gets involved in hate crimes. Delhi government’s former Law Minster in 2014 accused a group of African women of prostitution and drug peddling after forcefully breaking into their house.


2. Public places are not safe any more

If you thought being in public saved you the trouble of being harassed then think again. In September 2014, a group of hooligans beat up a few Africans at RAJIV CHOWK METRO STATION.


3. North-Eastern Discriminated

But do not think that our hatred is directed towards Africans alone. No. Equally hated are the Indians themselves. An Arunanchal Pradesh student was beaten to death in South Delhi. Protests broke out and anti-racial laws were formulated. But what happened?

A huge protest rally against the killing of Nido Tania who was killed after being beaten up with iron rods and sticks by men after an altercation early this year.

4. Rise of Donald Trump

Not just India, racial discrimination has increased world over. The rise of Donald Trump in United States says it all.


5. Casteism

Beyond racial discrimination is caste discrimination which is another social evil encapsulating our country and it is about time we took a firm step to prevent deaths occurring due to such fickle reasons.


It is time we address the elephant in the room and work towards building a society which has the potential to overcome such evils.

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