Interesting College Societies In Colleges Across Delhi That Are Totally Unique And Unheard Of

College Societies not only provide you an outlet to harness your talents, but is also a plus point on your CVs and a guaranteed way to find some friends for a lifetime.

Admission season has arrived and soon many of you will be starting with the much-hyped college life you all have been looking forward to since months!

Amidst the pressure of constant lectures and submissions, college societies can give you the much-needed escape and fun from the otherwise mundane college life.

College Societies not only provide you an outlet to harness your talents, but is also a plus point on your CVs and a guaranteed way to find some friends for a lifetime.

Colleges across Delhi, especially those in Delhi University are known for their wide range of extracurricular as well as academic-based societies.

While you might have heard of the usual English, Economics, Math, Dance, Music, Social Work, Dramatics or Placement societies, there are some very unusual, very unheard of college societies that are equally fun and exciting to be a part of.

Let’s have a look at some of them!

1. Wings Of Fire- Shri Ram College of Commerce

When every third person in a college aspires to be a CA, Wings Of Fire is the outcome.

This society is an initiative to guide and inspire CA aspirants by helping clear their academic doubts and by providing regular inspirational sessions and pep talks by students of final year who have managed to ace IPCC as well their college CGPA.

2. Aatman- Shri Ram College of Commerce

The first spirituality society of Delhi University, Aatman was launched by Mr. M Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Information and Broadcasting on 7th February 2017.

The society promotes healthy, stressful, holistic living through combinations of yoga and meditation and helps the students fight anxiety, tiredness and depression.

Skipping classes and doing yoga never sounded more appealing!

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3. Divine Circle- Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technical

This divinity society aims at producing students who are good human beings first and good engineers later.

They organise Gurupurab celebrations, satsangs, paaths, blood donations drives, screening of religious movies and try to promote the wholesomeness of Sikhism in a very positive way.

4. Navankur Society- Hansraj College

Navankur was established in 2005 for the benefit of the visually challenged students. Projects, assignment submissions, cassette recording, writing answer sheets in examination are some of the ways this society has helped almost 2000 visually impaired candidate across the university.

The society also organizes various cultural, literary and academic activities and more than 50 students have got job placements because of Navankur members.

5. The Travelers- Shri Ram College of Commerce

This one’s probably the most fun society you’ll come across, because who doesn’t love traveling with their friends?

Travelers is a society that organizes trips across the year for the students of SRCC and thus guarantees pure, unadulterated (and unsupervised!) fun. It also hosts a very exciting fest which has stuff like Fantasy football, Paintball, Rock Climbing, Zorbing Balls and DJ!

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Sources: SRCC, Hansraj College,

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