Instagram Has Rolled Out A New Update And People Are Hating It

According to people on Twitter and other social media platforms, Instagram is now rolling out a new update that is fundamentally changing the way the app works.

Earlier, you simply scrolled down vertically to see new posts, like all news feeds work. This was pretty simple, no one was complaining.

Ever heard of that phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“? Well, apparently the good people over at Instagram have not, not even a bit.

According to tons of users, Instagram has now modified it to mimic how it’s uber-popular stories feature works, by tapping or swiping left.

A message informing users of the change is appearing in the app.

The pop-up reads “Introducing a new way to move through posts,”, “Tap through posts, just like you tap through stories.”

The update is currently rolling out worldwide in a staggered manner. That is to say, only a certain group of people are receiving it a time.

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To say that people have been less than happy with the update is an understatement, they are furious. Twitter and Instagram are full of posts bashing the company for this update. What is worse is that there seems to be no way to roll it back or turn it off.

As for the reasons for this particular update, Instagram is yet to release an official statement. But if the past is any indication, they most probably will not roll it back.

Previously, Snapchat was caught in a similar tough spot when they rolled out an unpopular update. They separated stories and chats to different screens. This led to a massive backlash and even a petition by 800,000 people.

Although Snapchat did modify the app that pacified users a tiny bit, it was still not enough to make users love the app as much as they used to.

According to MacRumors, this redesign led to a loss of roughly 3 million users. And guess where these users went? That’s right, Instagram.

Whether this will happen to Instagram is a tough question to answer. Where these people will go if they decide to leave Instagram is a tougher one. Only time will tell what the fallout of this update will be.

Meanwhile, tell us in the comments whether you received this update as well. If yes, did you like it?

Update: Instagram just tweeted that this update was a bug and not actually a new feature.

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Sources: The Independent, The Guardian, MacRumors

Image Sources: Google Images

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