Technology today is playing a major role in the automation industry.

Various businesses like banks, insurance, e-commerce, etc. invest a large chunk of time, effort and money in catering to the queries/issues of customers.

With the advancement of technology, Chatbots are now taking over such processes as they have a negligible response rate and can cater to multiple customers in real time, thereby leading to higher customer satisfaction and business profitability.

A chatbot is a computer program that has simulated conversations with a user in either text or audio format on a website. The replies are usually pre-fed and work to clear up questions users might have about the site or its products.

A sector which has adopted this technology is the field of education in India.

A company that has ventured in this area with experience of more than 5 years in the education industry, having worked with various educational institutes across India would be PinnacleWorks.

chatbot for education

What Is This SuperBot?

Universities and schools are struggling with the problem of serving their online visitors, leading to loss of numerous potential leads. In order to provide a solution to this, PinnacleWorks came up with “SuperBot”, a product specially designed for educational institutes to meet their online counselling needs.

The bot has been extensively trained with tons of counselling data and queries, which makes it unique and best-suited for this industry. Using this data, SuperBot can answer all possible queries related to admissions and other generic queries about the organization.

The SuperBot has been designed in a way that it could capture all the potential leads as well as can schedule a campus visit for interested candidates. Being a bot it is never tired, never on leave and thus can virtually handle unlimited queries, 24×7 without fail.

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SuperBot is powered by Google’s NLU algorithms & built on Google Cloud Platform. The bot is currently capable of supporting queries in Hinglish as well. It also has self-learning capabilities and thus gets smarter every day by catering to every query it receives.

One of the Co-Founders of PinnacleWorks, Mr. Ankit Ruia says “SuperBot is India’s first chatbot that has been designed specifically for educational institutes, therefore going forward we plan to introduce other regional languages to it for making it suitable for institutes all across the country. At present, it can be integrated with the website, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant while Twitter, Skype and IVR integration is still under development and will be rolled out soon.”

PinnacleWorks has soft-launched SuperBot with BBD University, Lucknow. They are in talks with other leading educational organisations as well.

Mr. Sarvagya Mishra, the other co-founder feels that this SuperBot has the ability to disrupt the current communication methodology of the educational institutes.

It is great to see an Indian company like PinnacleWorks tirelessly working on making SuperBot efficient, smarter and more robust in order to serve the huge domestic demand.

As per sources they also have plans to extend the platform to other industries soon.

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