Traditional Indian Parents Throw A Gay Hindu Wedding

The ceremony celebrated all the traditional Indian customs and rituals, complete with garlands. 

In a bold, contemporary, and conventional-defying step, Indian parents of a gay man planned and organized a complete Indian traditional wedding, including all the rituals such as the ceremonial exchange of garlands, for their son and his fiancé.

Rishi Agarwal and Daniel Langdon got married at a golf course in Oakville, Canada. Mr. Agarwal’s parents provided the funding for the lavish wedding.

The ceremony clearly goes against the prevalent attitudes in their home country regarding homosexual relationships, but the gesture has inspired people in their local community as well as received appreciation across the globe.

In a recent interview with, Rishi mentioned that it was a difficult decision for him to come out to his parents as he was brought up in a fairly strict Hindu household, but he was completely taken aback with the positive reception of the news by his parents and their constant support.

Rishi’s father further added, “You’re still our son and we love you. This is strictly our baggage, which we bring from India”. They refused to turn their back on their son.

Lavish Indian-gay wedding
The Happy Couple: Rishi Agarwal and Daniel Langdon. Source:

Rishi’s father also mentioned that seven Hindu priests refused to marry the couple and turned him down before they were able to make the proper arrangements.

Rishi and Daniel decided to share their story with high hopes for future acceptance of homosexual relationship in India. It really was a powerful decision by the family to share their story considering that many people in their Indian community would be uncomfortable with the news.

It is the little steps undertaken by families like Agarwal’s that would eventually lead to a big difference and open a platform for a proper dialogue. Way to go, guys!

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