Indian Millennials: What Have We Gotten Right And Where Have We Gone Wrong

indian millennials

As part of our, ED Decodes The Indian Millennial series: we bring to you part 5 here. Don’t forget to read the other posts in this series, mentioned in the end.

After discussing what Millennials actually are, what is normal for them, how they live, and the social media lingo that we have created, we now bring to you what have the Indian Millennials gotten right and wrong. Till now, you all must have gotten a gist of exactly what kind of a person Millennial are.


They are smart, active, creative and are not really that bound by the various rules and regulations that limited the generations before us. In that, they are daring enough to venture the untravelled road and experience something different. But with this enthusiasm and risk-taking behaviour, Indian Millennials have both gotten things right and wrong. Along with success, they have also experienced failure.

Thus, in this piece, we will see exactly how that is, and where have Millennials made a positive change and where have they resulted in a negative one.


  • Social Media-

The invention of the internet and social media to that extent has massively helped the Generation Y to broaden their horizons to unlimited areas.

The fact that one was limited to their city and thus could not really experience the various cultures and places of the world, greatly restricted one’s understanding for a larger population. But with social media and how it helped make the world a smaller place, people could now interact with people of far away places and learn how different or similar they might be.

  • Creative Power-

Another area where Indian Millennials have succeeded has been the unleashing of creative liberty and accepting of more unconventional career choices. Prior to that, people would usually lead a very by the book kind of life, wherein they would, go to school, get in a good college and then usually pick the safest professions, mostly a nine to five job.

This all changed with the Millennials and their search for something more and something different. With the help of the internet and social media, people are able to pursue their dreams with an ease that was not there before.

  • Awareness:

This per perhaps the most important success that Millennials have achieved, and that is to be more aware of one’s surrounding and not just stopping at that but also trying to make a change within it.

We are more knowledgeable about financial matters, investing, world events and international relationships.



  • Online Bullying-

As goes the popular phrase, pros, and cons, this article would be incomplete if we did not mention where the Millennials have gone wrong.

We might have gained a success with social media, but a side effect of that came in the form of online bullying. Ever since the inception of social media platforms, people now have more ease in sharing their life with their friends and even the public at large.

But this in turn also exposes them to judgement and hurtful comments which can then lead to feelings of depression, low self-esteem and even hate crimes.

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  • Chalta Hai Attitude-

The ‘chalta hai’ attitude is quite prevalent among the Indian Millennials. Basically, this phrase means to brush something off as being not that important. This attitude has almost become the new ‘cool’ thing to do.

From being disrespectful with elders to acting unprofessional at jobs, Millennials have a heightened sense of self, where they are least bothered about anything.

In the end, I would like to sign off, with saying that our successes might define us, but our failures help us grow. And Millennials have certainly made a mark for themselves as a generation that will always be remembered.

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