Reality singing show Indian Idol which is into its 10th season has always been a crowd puller. But this time it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Nishant Kaushik Blows The Whistle:

Recently, former Indian Idol aspirant Nishant Kaushik has found his spot on Twitter’s trending list after he spoke about his ill experience on the show.

He went on to reach the third round of auditions in the 2012 edition of the reality show and went into detail about the abuse contestants face, as well as the lack of planning on the part of Indian Idol crew.

Nishant Kaushik tweeted about how

“it is a perfect platform to destroy your dream as opposed to its common perception as a breeding ground for talent”

Deprived Of Basic Necessities: 

When the gates to the venue finally opened at 1 pm, no toilets, drinking water, and food stalls were to be seen at the venue.

Nishant described ‘staged gimmicks’, where he gave the example of a blind person, and another who was ‘dragging his feet on a broken slipper’.

These contestants were picked based on their physical appearance and given scripted lines to speak in front of the camera.

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Any grievances and enquires about the commencement of auditions were either not responded, or were met with vile abuses by the ‘vultures’ (the crew) as described by Nishant.

Contestant Dragged Out For Asking His Turn:

Some people were waiting for their turn for more than 24 hours now. Soon it was enough and one of the aspirants lost his cool and stood up, inquiring about where the auditions were happening and asked to see the judges.

In front of thousands, one of the crew member charged up to him and slapped him. A scuffle followed, with the contestant dragged on the floor and thrown out of the room by the crew.

Bad Contestants Were Selected For Mocking:

The crew then randomly started picking people and asked them to sing. After that, those who sang badly were again sent to perform in front of the judges, who in turn mocked them only to increase their TRP. The process even made one of the contestant cry.

Evicted from the third round of the contest, Nishant Kaushik was nearly relieved that it happened. In addition to the contestants, people hired to dismantle the sets at the venue were harassed by the crew members present there.

Kaushik criticised the reality of the ‘reality show’ culture in India and summarised it perfectly.

Read the entire thread here.

Former Host Mini Mathur Responds:

When a Twitter user tagged Mini Mathur, who has hosted several seasons of the reality show she replied:

Having read the replies, there seems to be a lot of ‘unreality’ in these reality shows. The filtration process that these shows follow is something completely mysterious.

All they are looking for is the ‘X’ factor or a sob background story to spice things up to get their TRP soaring high and it’s not singing well that matters nowadays.

In India, favoritism often makes people fall behind a lot. While researching, I read that sometimes the final list of contenders selected were people who never even appeared for the auditions. Obviously, priority is given to people the judges might know and that’s very problematic.

From the start of the auditions to the end of the finale, the long and arguably dehumanizing process seems to be corrupted with some of the other problems and it does not end at Indian Idol.

The question arises that how worthy these launch pads like Indian Idol are?

Where’s the season 1’s winner Abhijeet Sawant? He only featured in one music video ‘Lafzon Mein’ featuring Tamannah Bhatia. Tamannah is now a Baahubali star and I am sure you don’t even know who Sawant is.

I hope that the drama around Nishant’s tweets does not go to waste and makes the reality show industry to alter its process.

In any case, music lovers will fast forward through the drama and continue watching the show for some brilliant singing. But its time we think about the talent on board too.

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