Victim shaming is one of the most interesting past-time for Indian people and especially when it is a rape victim, people have no qualms about putting all the blame on the girl.

This girl from the Farrukhabad region in Uttar Pradesh has created an anti-rape underwear for women that is loaded with a variety of tech in order to prevent rape from happening.

Because apparently, since the society is not willing to change, the men still have a superiority complex and believe a woman should be blessed that he wants to have sex with her, it is always up to the woman to protect herself.

The prototype created by the 19-year-old Seena Kumari that is made in just about Rs. 5,000 is bulletproof as well as difficult to cut with a knife, as per several news sources.

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What Makes This AR Wear Different?

AR Wear or anti-rape wear is not that new as even a few years back a duo based in New York had come up with AR underwear that would lock itself around the wearer and make it difficult for the attacker to take them off right away.

But this AR wear by Kumari has features that other AR wear have not had up until now. The underwear as reported by various news sources, is equipped with a password protected lock, a GPS and even a small camera that can record the face of the attacker.

The inclusion of GPS is interesting and Kumari explains it as “when somebody tries to molest a woman, this device will send out messages to relatives of the woman and also to the police.”

There is also a button on the underwear that when pressed will send out a call to a pre-set emergency number.

The product has already been sent to the National Innovation Foundation in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh to be patented and Seenu hopes to introduce this product to a larger market soon.

The student who is currently studying Bachelor of Science as per sources has also commented that women don’t really need to wear this underwear all the time. According to her, “she can wear it when she is travelling alone or if she finds a place unsafe.

The creator is hopeful that if this product is made with better equipment and a more comfortable material, it could be of help to women in need.

Practically speaking, the product will need to be tweaked a lot, considering it will be physically impossible to wear such a bulky clothing due to the added weight of the camera in daily life and under normal clothes without feeling uncomfortable.

It is truly sad that we even need such an underwear in the first place since apparently, it is impossible for men to understand that rape is wrong. And what more, the mentality of people to put all the blame on the victim and hold them accused for what happened to them is further shameful.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Times, Daily News, BBC News Hindi

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