India vs. China. Who’s going to win?

We just read Economic Times- ET’s story on India vs. China.

And here’s what Economy Decoded- ED could make of it:
1. China’s GDP is twice that of India
2. China grew at 7.7% in 2012, while India at 5.3%

What goes against India in becoming a winner against China:

1. Corruption, extremely poor governance, suffocating political and bureaucratic attitude
2. Outdated policies, laws and ways of functioning
3. Snail speed judicial systemLack of basic amenities like electricity, water, sanitation pan-India
4. Poor public infrastructure be it roads, rails, buildings, metros
5. A lot of Indian youth is unskilled or working as peddlers or not at all

What goes against China:
1. Autocratic regime
2. Corruption
3. Mass manufacturing capability
4. Lesser transparent legal system

So on whom are you placing your bets in this Super Power race? India or China?


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