India Can NEVER Have an Oscars-Like Event, Do I Need To Tell You Why?

By Vasundhra Chauhan

So, the 89th Academy Awards happened recently and we can’t stop talking about it. The internet was flooded with articles, gifs, videos of every minute detail of the Oscars and TBH it is completely normal to be obsessed with it because it is THE BIGGEST MOVIE AWARD in the world!!

The biggest movie stars under one roof celebrating talent, art, emotions and everything that represents life itself.

Oscars, no doubt is a festival of talent, fashion and everything nice.

The set, the guests, the host, the performances, the goof ups everything is grand. Like you can fall on stairs like Jennifer Lawrence or you can casually announce the wrong name for the best movie, it will all be news.

Now, imagine India hosting an event as grand as the Academy Awards.

Nope. Can’t. Do. It.

Why not, you ask? well, because…

Have You Seen the Oscars’ Stage? It is HUGE!

The stage is a big deal for any event. It sets the whole mood, creates the environment and has you seen the Oscars’ stage? This year they made the Oscar statues out of lights and I didn’t know where to look. It was like the stage became alive, like a DREAM! Majestic and so awe-inspiring.

A Sense of Humor? What’s That?

The humor gets the party going and so, we need the hosts who could do justice to us, give us some happy times, a jovial break from our train-wrecking busy lives for at least some time. But, we can’t really crack a joke today without offending someone.

Although, the award ceremonies are the ideal occasions for taking a dig at the stars (just for fun obviously) and tickle the funny bones of the audience but; being funny can get us in trouble at times in India. Remember the Sajid Khan- Ashutosh Gowarikar feud? When Sajid took a dig at Ashutosh’s movie and Ashutosh got offended and asked him to “shut the f**k up”. All of this happened during an award show when Sajid was on stage!

The Performances!

Oscars have larger than life performances. The biggest stars singing and dancing on the biggest platform with prodigious background dancers.

I can watch this on repeat, every day for the rest of my life and never get bored of it. John legend performing ‘city of stars’ is the kind of things I live for.

And Adele singing ‘Skyfall’ on the magnificent Oscar stage! Oh. My. God!

The Speeches

Words are the most powerful weapon in the world, enough to break a war or to make a difference for good. The speeches are the best part of the Oscars.

When the actors mold their hearts into words and can’t help but get emotional on stage *favorite part of the Oscars*.

Remember the time our favorite Leo won his first ever Oscar? We all went crazy for obvious reasons but the speech he made was beautiful and it touched everyone’s hearts including Kate Winslet’s.

Our desi stars, on the other hand, can’t help but be complaisant with their ‘thank-you’.

You Can’t Buy An Oscar

The main reason why India can’t have an award function like the academy awards is that you can’t buy an Oscar and our actors have a habit of BUYING things and not EARNING them. Don’t believe me?

Well recently, Rishi Kapoor revealed in his autobiography ‘Khullam Khulla’ that he bought an award for his role in ‘BOBBY’ for Rs 30,000.

Yeah, Bollywood is the largest film producing industry and it has given us beautiful movies like BLACK, THE LUNCHBOX, QUEEN, PINK and the list goes on; but we need, to be honest with ourselves and talk about why awards like Filmfare, Stardust are grand but not OSCAR-grand.

I want to be proven wrong soon. Challenge accepted?

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