We Found You An Independent Review App To Vent Out Real Praises/Concerns/Grievances: Tellofy

Frustrated with posting reviews/grievances on a brand’s internal feedback system, their Facebook pages, Twitter handles and getting the same old irritating response: Sir/Maam, sorry for the inconvenience, we will work on the problem and get back to you (obviously, never to revert back)?

Trust us, it’s too common. And all of us have gone through the drill atleast zillion times, especially with telecom, car, restaurant, outlets, gadgets, ecommerce companies.

You can bless us for what we found for you *wink*.


According to their Facebook page, Tellofy is an online word of mouth app, where you can post real reviews about anything! They even make sure it reaches the brand, so the brand can effectively work on it, since it is no longer just on their internal feedback system, but out on an independent platform.

Here at ED we liv’ED the entire experience of being on the app. Let us take you through our journey:









We like how they make the brand responsible, by making them sign up for Tellofy’s independent review feedback system at point of sale, and also ensure the critical feedback reaches the brand manager.

Good effort Tellofy, in trying to create a healthy buying-selling ecosystem!

They have started with Bangalore businesses and are very soon coming to other cities. 

Them lucky Bangaloreans *wink*.

One can download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tellofy.activity

Stay tuned for our next Liv’ED It on another cool app/product.


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