The borders of our country are flanked by some friendly and some, honestly, not-so-friendly nations.

It is the Indian Armed Forces- the Army, Navy, and Air Force that ensure that our borders and citizens are protected from any malicious intruders.

Considering the enormous role they play in national security, isn’t it scary to think the Indian Army is facing a huge shortage of over 45,000 personnel?

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a country being “too” well-protected.

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Their slogans of “Living a Life Less Ordinary” (Army) and “An Ocean of Opportunity” (Navy) have become extremely popular.

Unfortunately, many youngsters are aware only of the existence of NDA and IMA, and don’t know much about OTA, INA,and AFA, which can provide equally good training to join the Armed Forces.

Considering the noble nature of the job and the fact that they will be “living a life less ordinary,” far away from the day-to-day, mundane desk jobs, more youngsters should consider signing up for the Armed Forces.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, Inputs from Somnath M., Blogger at ED Times

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