The Burari Suicide Case, which involves the alleged mass suicide of 11 members of a family has taken another shocking turn, where diary entries and registers maintained over a period of 11 years have revealed how the mass suicide was planned and methodically carried out.

The prime suspect and initiator of the suicide is revealed to be Narayani Bhatia’s youngest son Lalit, who took the extreme step and made the family believe that they would survive the “ritual” (suicide).

Be that as it may, the dichotomy between the actual incident and the reports of the family’s neighbours about their beliefs proves that there’s more than meets the eye about the Burari suicide case and how the essential rituals leading to the mass suicide were carried out.

There have been startling revelations from the 11 sets of notes/registers/diaries which have been recovered from the scene and all of them indicate one common goal, i.e., attaining “moksha” or salvation and we’re going to take a deeper look as to what else did the notes say.

So here we give you the revelations of the recovered on-scene notes about the Burari suicide case:

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Superstition exists in all forms and walks of life, it just depends on the extent of its existence to determine when it becomes dangerous and in this particular case, life-threatening for not 1, not 2 but 11 members of an entire family who took the extreme step of taking their lives via blind belief in something other-worldly.

The psychological imbalance of one man and his hallucinations have caused an incident which is surprising to medical experts just as much as it is to the common man.

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We shall continue to update the story as it develops further. 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, Deccan Chronicle, The Economic Times + more

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