In India According To Politicians It’s Either Reproduce Without An End or Just Get Sterilisation


Recently I came across this article about how Union Minister Giriraj Singh while attending a function in Bihar last week, had stood in favour of mass sterilisation of the country.

All this is to control the growing by the second population that India is facing.

And while I do agree with his statement that our massive population is a big hindrance to our development and that we need to start controlling it better, I also believe that sterelisation is not the way to go.

With India having almost 17% of the world population and not enough land we are already seeing the effects that overpopulation has gotten us in.

There is not enough land for everyone, jobs too are limited due to this and various other amenities too are restricted to only certain areas, due to which a lot of places in the country are not able to develop to their full potential.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh

Can We Learn Something From China?

You know which country has the most population in the entire world?


And do you see where China is right now?

It is one of the most powerful countries in the world, just beside US and UK.

The thing to take from China, even though it has its flaws and negatives should be how wonderfully they have used their manual labour and put it towards the development of their country.

Not saying to copy their policies and that in itself would be impossible as we are 2 different countries and as such would need very different ways of imposing rules and regulations.

But perhaps India too can take some lessons from China on how to use the large population that we have and turn it to something that benefits the country.

A shot of a Chinese market place

Sterilisation Not The Only Solution

As hard as it might be to believe (pun unintended) but there are other ways to control population apart from just straight going to sterilisation.

The best would be start educating the rural areas and unlike some people I would say don’t just focus on the women.

Instead teach the men about contraceptives, the dangers of untimely pregnancies, throwing away the myth that contraception or using them is against our religion.

Educate and make the men and women both aware of the importance of contraception, how to use them.

Also a good thing would be set up small clinics in rural areas that give out good type of contraception, can inform the natives about it and this in turn would allow for a better control of population.

And why just rural, India needs accept that sex exists and apparently we are having loads of it.

So talk about it even in urban areas, make sex education a compulsory subject in schools and have parents talk to their kids about having safe sex.

According to me, these steps could at least begin to slow down the rapidly rising population and allow us to bring it down to a decent level in the coming future.

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