Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” The Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be The Minority

tumblr_inline_mrj8beKDzW1qz4rgpBy Pratishtha Mahajan

I have always wondered that when our society is progressing in almost every direction, why people don’t give up their narrow-mindedness and rigid orthodoxy. Why do people still fail to accept something like homosexuality? Why is it still considered to be something unethical?

Many writers have explored this topic of discussion and they end up talking about the same thing so I won’t be blabbering about how homosexuals are no different from heterosexuals and how they need their rights. I agree with absolutely every demand that the LGBT community makes and I myself would want that their each and every demand should be fulfilled. After all love is equal, even if it happens between a man and a woman, 2 men or 2 women.

Today I came across this wonderful short film where an alternate world is created. It is a world in which being a homosexual is considered to be normal where as being a hetero is condemned. In the course of seventeen minutes the movie shows a girl born to a lesbian couple, who unlike her parents and people around her has feelings of latent heterosexuality. She attends a wedding in a church and see’s a young boy, experiences a few sensations in her body that she never has felt before. It is then when she realises she’s different. And as we all know being different is in itself nothing less but a crime. She falls for the guy she saw, who has feelings for her as well. They hold hands and once they are about to kiss but get caught by others in school, the boy says that he was forced and runs away. This little girl is bullied by the others; she’s called all kinds of names and is beaten till her face bleeds. When she reaches home, her mothers are very worried to see her being bullied like this. They plan to move to some other city so that that they could start life afresh. However the young girl, who is well heterosexual, feels helpless, she cannot live in a world where she is beaten up or scolded by school mates, teachers and parents for showcasing her sexual side. So she lets blood from the veins in her right arm drip in a tub filled with water and leaves that world forever, just as she fails to bear the pressures of being different.

It is truly a heart touching film and I recommend it to each one of you and request you to spare time and watch it. Here’s a youtube link for the same

Being homosexual is no way wrong or unethical, if there’s anyone who believes in the contrary you should definitely watch this film and reconsider his thoughts. I believe love sees no gender; you fall in love with your “someone special” be it a male or a female. This is that someone you know you want to spend the rest of your life with and start your journey towards your happily ever after.


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