I’m A Girl, And I’m Fine.

These days, the internet is all about women. From getting a 20% quota in village panchayats, we have come a long way: we now have our own section on most major web-mags!
But I think something’s not right… When they say “Ladies first”, wasn’t it because they considered us weaker and in need of much support? If I remember correctly, THAT was where mass media’s idea to “Empower” women stemmed from. Then they got excited… Overnight, the idea flipped 180. Instead of talking TO women about their problems, everyone turned to talking ABOUT the “assumed” issues. Under the illusion of trying to help, campaigns and videos popped up all over.

Check them out:

High Heels for the Army” Feminism Campaign  Men wearing heels = women empowered! *slow clap for the genius*

Tell the world about your first Period” Campaign  Talking about periods, and talking about ONE’s periods… The line in between isn’t even thin!

The #NoMakeUpSelfie Campaign This one was hilariously noble. While boasting about how “brave” they were to have dared to bare, women raised money for cancer. But the initiative was to discourage women from hiding behind false skins, which was (as it turns out) unnecessary; because if we were so “afraid”, the campaign would have flopped!

That’s the point of the the poem below: that the things internet is talking about in association with women is plainly dumb. We aren’t damsels-in-distress, and we wouldn’t perish without you. We are absolutely fine, alive, well and active. And we would like to help solve real problems, if you don’t mind…

Here’s a rhyme, to explain this idea of mine…


I’m a girl and I’m fine.

Baby you’re a firework!
Come on, let the colors burst…
But when the color red comes out
Be prepared for all to scream and shout!

Screenshot (8)

(Some originals now)

I’m a girl and I am fine
You can stop discussing this life of mine.
My little sister is learning more from the net
Than what our mama tells her, you bet.

That’s because whatever you click,
Is trying to help women tick…
Dear Scoop Whoop, Please let us pick
Who we want to date, and who we should flick!
Vogue, want to start with the boys?
Prove to them that gender-bias destroys.
9GAG, if you are going to make fun of PMS and moods,
Don’t judge if I ask about his morning woods.

Screenshot (9)

It’s true
Most of us wear our make-up wrong.
But it’s okay…
Allow us to learn as life goes on.
“10 ways to dress for my body type”
Doesn’t help while shopping; then what’s the hype?
Armpit hair: shave or not?
That is a very personal thought.
It’s okay to share a view…
But again and again? Find something new!

My point is…
Internet, please don’t try to teach me about periods or pads,
We would rather learn from our dads.
Aren’t there better ideas to discuss?
More important things about which you can fuss?
In the name of modern openness,
Avoidable thoughts are becoming a distress.

maxresdefault (1)

The world tweets a million lines
When a woman is brutally raped,
But the boy got minimum fines
And the documentary was banned when taped.
“They kill me before I’m born”,
And if I survive they’ll hate;
Make me work from early morn
So that for low dowry I make good bait.

Long messages on Whatsapp and Facebook
Is not what it’s going to take.
If you really care, get off your chair,
Else refrain from compassion fake.
Be the change you expect everyone else to be.
P.S.: Your laptop doesn’t hold that key.
Don’t just read, and text, and watch,
Make your voice be heard,
Don’t just “like”, and “share”, and “spam”,
That makes the issues seem absurd.


There’s good and bad
To all in this world,
But mere words aren’t needed
When their meaning isn’t heeded.
You can take it all out:
Type furiously and all…
But what’s the use,
If within seconds you let this fury fall?

Or I suggest a better alternative,
For both you and me:
Just download a movie and let it be…
At least don’t raise my hopes, it’s a plea!
To the world we hold no value,
Or so they make it seem,
But a woman is not your object,
To talk about as you deem.


At the end of the day,
Market it if you may;
But “How life and body works”,
Is creepy when in every internet corner it lurks.
So please stop,
I’m uncomfortable!
When all my cards
Are pushed out on the table.
I mean, do we HAVE to repeatedly publicize?
I’m not one to keep secrets,
Therefore “girl this”, “women that”…
I OPENLY criticize.

Now could you, FOR ONCE,
Change the topic? Sometimes you cross the line.
Trust me honey, m good!
Even though I cry and whine,
And life’s not always divine,
But that’s a closed group talk, called
“I’m a girl and I’m fine”.






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