‘ Iktu Piktu Jhim Patoota’ – A List Of Our Favourite Indian T.V Shows

Our favourite T.V shows…Yayyy!

Shows that we have grown up watching, shows that we didn’t miss come what may. That half an hour or one hour of our favourite show that made our day. The shows that makes us go down the memory lane and reminisce all those childhood memories that we had.

We all had varied choices, whether it was ‘Sonpari’, ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ or Sarabhai v. Sarabhai, we loved all of them.

Let us have a look…

  1. Sonpari

I say Sonpari and the image of Sonpari with Aaltu and our beloved Frooti comes before my eyes with the music in backdrop ‘ dekho aai aai aai, sona son pari aai….’, the cruel Koyala with her mischievous pranks, making us hate her as the vamp.

I am sure none of us have had the pleasure and joy of feeling the magic that the show created during those times.

We would have wished at least once to have a Sonpari in our life like the lucky chap Frooti had for all her problems.


  1. Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi

How many of us remember our favourite Jassi with big black glasses and those teeth with braces. A role played magnificently by Mona Sharma. It certainly taught us as kids that beauty is much beyond physical attributes. We watched the cute Jassi facing the hurdles of life in her own way, large hearted girl, little clumsy but loved by all of us.

It was actually the Indian version of the ‘Ugly Betty’


  1. Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai

This is one show that most of us have watched. A family show with each character having their significance. Whether the super sophisticated Maya Sarabhai or the middle class Monisha. The foodie Indravardhan or the scapegoat between the mother and wife ‘Sahil’. But the show stealer being Rosesh Sarabhai, with a new poem on everything from a fart to a donkey, his momma cannot be forgotten by anyone.

Indeed one of the best light hearted comedy shows to sit and watch with the entire family.


  1. Khichdi

Another serial that all of us loved was ‘Khichdi’. I still remember that it used to be aired only once a week and I waited eagerly for that day of the week. From Hansa’s English to Praful’s translation of the same, Babuji saying ‘Praful tu toh gadha hai gadha’, there was nothing not likable about the show.

The adorable kids, Jackie and Chakki, the only sane characters in the mad yet lovable house of Jayshree, Himanshu, Melissa, everybody we watched with the same enthusiasm each time.


  1. Office Office

Remember Musaddi Lal? The poor guy running from pillar to post in a government office. The laid back attitude of the government officials, the samosa eating guy, the lady always sewing sweaters and the Pandeyji with paan in his mouth.

It sure taught us the art of getting work done through the ‘under the table’ method. We all know what actually happens and how well it was portrayed through the show. I have a vivid memory memory of a person associated with the government services calling it ‘obnoxious’.

I should better get out of here now!


This is only to name a few of our favourite ones but there were numerously more that we watched as kids and enjoyed every bit of that time.

Sanju and his magic pencil from Shakalaka Boom Boom or the duo from Tu Tu Main Main., I know I am still missing a lot of them but we get the feeling right ?


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