Nepotism has been a battle waged for long by self-made actors like Kangna Ranaut against the “flag bearer of nepotism” and for long we have seen negative bashing against the star kids even from the audience or rather ‘trolls’.

However, Radhika Apte, one of the most critically acclaimed, self- made actress, has a different song to sing.

“I don’t like the word outsider. If I’m a director and my son wants to be an actor, why shouldn’t I launch him? The industry today is a blend of both worlds. On one hand, there’s Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Kangna Ranaut who were not born into a film family but have made it big and then there are the star kids.” said Apte.

While we don’t deny that nepotism has its huge share of injustice levied on aspiring actors who struggle from one audition to another to get that one opportunity that could change their life. However, it’s time to address the other side of the story.  

So if a child of an actor or director, one day walks up to his parents and tells them that he wants to be an actor too, the parents would have three choices to make:

Launch them

It is fair to weigh this choice as an injustice to the struggling actors who do not even get this share of media attention and recognition even after doing a lot of films. With the paparazzi chasing these star kids and marking their every move as sensational news, we cannot seem to reject these accusations. Can we?

However, we seem to have star kids like Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan who are weighed down by the media and trolls online for not being as successful as other actors in their family or for not being able to act despite being in the industry for so long.

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The pressure of being in the industry and proving yourself continuously to millions of trolls is a burden that these actors have to carry for every day of their lives. We can thus safely assume that being launched is easier but sustaining yourself in the industry without any talent is harder.

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Let Them Fight Their Own Battles

Considering the above option, this seems to be more just and fair for it seems like the world would be a happier place if this began to happen. Isn’t it?

However, when Rohit Shetty claimed in the Kapil Sharma Show that neither Saif Ali Khan nor Amrita Singh approached him to favor Sara Ali Khan in ‘Simmba’ and that it was her own struggle, did you believe him?

So supposedly somewhere down the line, an actor would walk up and claim to be ‘self-made’ despite being the son of an actor or director, would you be ready to recognize his struggle without branding him as a star kid and weighing down his talents?

Tell them to forget their dreams and choose a different career option

I am forced to believe that this is an option no parent would suggest even if they would have been the one to put up strong arguments against nepotism. Alia Bhatt in an interview, said “I cannot wake up and say sorry for being born into this family” Can we tell someone that they cannot choose to follow their dreams simply because they have been born in a family full of actors?

Nepotism is a harsh reality of the society and it masks most professions that are known. However, each one of us has our struggles and battles to fight for.

While I stand for a fair ground of opportunities for everyone, the question is how are we supposed to build it?

Source: India Today

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