In the recently concluded 2019 Lok Sabha elections, even though Rahul Gandhi was not the prime ministerial candidate, he marshalled his troops as the Congress president.

In the wake of the humiliating defeat that Congress faced in the general elections, Rahul Gandhi had offered to step down from his position.

However, every mother believes that her son or daughter is second to none.

So, Sonia Gandhi rejected Rahul Gandhi’s idea of resigning just to make sure he carries the family legacy forward.  If only all bosses thought like this for their employees. Alas!

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi officially quit from his post. He penned a 4-page open letter to announce it.


Rebuilding the party requires hard decisions and numerous people will have to be made accountable for the failure of 2019. It would be unjust to hold others accountable but ignore my own responsibility as president of the party,” he wrote.

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Will He Nominate His Successor?

Apparently, he does not want to cling to power and instead, wants to fight a deeper ideological battle with the opponents. He wants the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to find the new president as soon as possible without involving him in the process.

Most of my colleagues suggested that I nominate the next Congress president. While it is important for someone new to lead the party, it would not be correct for me to select that person,” he said.

Congress, in its 133-year old history, has been mostly led by members of the Nehru-Gandhi clan. Is the party ready to defy the norm?

The Road Ahead For Congress

The Congress cadre still firmly believes that Rahul Gandhi is the best possible leader for them. Some of them have gone on record to say that they want him to lead the party from the front and take the opposition head on henceforth.

Even though the Gandhi scion has formally given his resignation, the CWC can still choose to reject it. In doing so, they would further tarnish whatever is left of their public image.

If the CWC accepts his resignation, then the General Secretary of the party, Motilal Vohra, would take charge till the next party president is elected.

Senior Congress leaders like Sachin Pilot, Shashi Tharoor, and KC Venugopal could be major contenders for the top job in the party if the CWC decides to select a non-Gandhi.

New Party President Or A Puppet?

Seeing the current public sentiment, choosing a new face whose last name isn’t Gandhi may mark the beginning of a new phase for Congress. Talent and skill should beat dynasty politics, lest Congress fades into oblivion.

However, even if Rahul Gandhi decides to give up his position, he and the family won’t let go of power, no matter how much he claims to not do so.

It is highly likely that whoever becomes the new party president will be someone whose strings will be in the hands of the Gandhis.

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