I Belong To The Mechanical Engineering Branch Which Hardly Has Girls & This Has Been My Experience So Far

I Belong To The Mechanical Branch Which Hardly Has Girls & This Has Been My Experience So Far

Before proceeding I would like to tell you that this article is all in good humour and is not a way to disrespect those male mechanical engineers who know the meaning of opposite sex, socially and physically. *wink*

For them, we bow down in reverence.

Mechanical Engineering. The word reminds us of machines operated by men which are surrounded by those men who had studied their engineering among some more men.

For us, the male mechanical engineers, opposite sex is a hypothetical word. We sometimes use this word to address our fellow batchmates just to tease them but deep down in the lonely and greasy corridors of our heart, we don’t really know what it means.

We are ignorant of woo-ology

You may have watched the memes that are made on us, conveying our disappointment on the lack of girls in our branch but actually that’s not true, honestly, the thing is, we are ignorant and unschooled in woo-ology and hadn’t really had the opportunity to ask a girl out and one cannot miss something which he has not yet experienced.

Talking about relationships, even if we are lucky to get to talk to a girl, our lisping and stammering would be happy to help. Others get friend zoned, but we, we have the ability to become the mayor of that zone.

Not Knowing When To Shut Up Is Our Thing

We are like the Unsullied army of the Mother of Dragons( Game of Thrones). Only metaphorically, though, as we do enjoy our hands.

Hands..oops..sorry, not knowing when to shut up is our thing as we are an expert in getting ourselves into such objectionable situations like cursing others in the presence of a girl, or mistakenly adjusting our undies in front of them or not knowing that “undies” is a word used for women.

Our marks depend on the level of attractiveness of our female teachers as nothing excites us more than discussing outré topics with them, just to have a discussion with a female, which in turn assures us of getting passing marks.

What A Girl In Mechanical Engg. Means?

A girl in mechanical engineering would be like the Snow White between a bunch of dwarfs . We would be more careful and aware of our attires . Please and Thank You , would resonate in our lecture halls instead of chu*iya and BC. Desperateness level would break its record and even if it itches like hell no one would dare to touch their nether area.

We were single in the womb and will be single till the tomb.

On the first day of my college, while boys from other departments were hoping for the “hot” girls getting admission in their branch, I was convincing myself that in a class of 150, at least there would be one girl.

At the outset , we were told from our seniors,  not about the theory of machines but that ‘If you managed to date a single girl in these four years, it would be a true placement”.

Situations are so bad that parents these days are more supportive of our branch as they want to be assured of their wards not involving in some kind of romanticism.

Every semester that passes, bolsters our belief that we are very unlikely to get a girlfriend. For us there is always a ‘he’ in our exam answers instead of ‘he/she’ and addressing female professors as ‘Yes Sir’ is a common mistake and often ignored.

It’s like the Night’s Watch, but we do hope to break our ascetic oaths someday, till then make way for our helpful hands.

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