HUFFPOST INDIA: A Blogging Revolution



“Namaste India!” exclaimed a very excited Arianna Huffington as she launched Huffpost India in collaboration with The Times of India Group on 8th December 2014, adding another jewel to the network of globalising our country and taking it a step further towards setting up a world-wide-platform.

The Indian concern has on-board big names in the media industry to back up this new venture, namely:

1.GroupM : A Global media investment conglomerate on board as a strategic partner for brand  synergies and advertising in India for the Huffington Post, a news and blogging pedestal (The Big-Mac of Media houses, eh?)

2.Times Internet (TIL): Don’t they always grab the cherry-on-the-cake like a little greedy child?

Huffington Post is the first real digital news success story globally (read-it before it happens!) that not only engages with professional journalists but anybody who are likely to cater great news updates which can be shared globally creating awareness. Being engaged with over 80,000 bloggers and having 300 million comments via their previously expanded ventures, they wish to grow on a quicker pace using the rapidly developing 4G networks and the government’s go-ahead on backing the online-roadmap.



This AOL-owned website is not just here for grabbing a share in the stock-market (majorly so) nor for a good-old profit margin  but are here to, in partnership with Johnson and Johnson, spread awareness about the much needed establishment of sanitary-cum-health facilities, for women and children, in the more under-developed areas of the world, specially rural Africa and India. A larger circle of followers would entail a larger audience that indulges in social-work or funds, thus in-turn initiating a chain of events in helping the underprivileged in areas where the govt. has failed to reach (cheers to those who think beyond administrative dependence!)


Group M’s chief executive officer, South Asia CVL Srinivas, said, “India was on the cusp of a digital explosion and a partnership such as this will help create a strong digital brand that will appeal to advertisers”. India is now the most sort after digi-financial market that is growing at an enormous rate, offering new areas to these big-buck companies to invest in for assured return and genuine response from its followers. With the likes of Google and Facebook making it large in the Indian IT sector, others aren’t far behind. It has a fair share of sites that are ruling the online blog-sphere – such as Scoopwhoop and Storypick – who have not only taken India under its curtain of entertaining posts but also spread globally. Thus, it isn’t just the foreign market entering into the country, but our young-minds reaching out globally.

We Can Do It! Rosie the Riveter

Have a look below at the exclusive interview and launch of HuffPo India and what it aspires to achieve in the country of a thousand gods!



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